7 Ways To Make A Man Admire You, Chase You, And Fall In Love With You

7 Ways To Make A Man Admire You, Chase You, And Fall In Love With You
Men love smiling women. Genuine, loving smile attracts people, creates friendship and unlock doors! Learn to smile at people baby, women who lack men’s attention rarely smile.

Be a genuinely happy person and show it by smiling at people. Men will find you irresistible and seek to know you more.

Confident women are attractive any day any time. Knowing who you are, pursuing your dreams, vision, passion and goals makes you a confident person worth investing in.

Approach life with a positive mind set, you are energetic and confident in who you are, you have a good, sound self esteem and men are irresistibly drawn to you.

Be generous to people. Be generous with what you have. Be generous with your smile, your love, your talent, your service, your money, your prayers, whatever you’ve got that can bless lives. Men are attracted to generous women who never lack admirers.

No men don’t like intelligent women. Know when, how and where to talk. Know what is going on around you. You should never be a naive, empty-brained, beauty queen. Your face may get you into the relationship, but your brain will determine how long you last.

A man likes a woman who can give intelligent answers to questions and contribute meaningfully to discussions.

You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Celebrate yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, you are simply the best. Don’t envy anybody. Never wish you have a fuller chest, heavy bum, sexy nose or longer hair.

Not everyone’s got what you’ve got, celebrate your uniqueness. Men love ladies who love themselves. The man God created for you needs someone exactly like you and will fall in love with you just the way you are so chill and appreciate God.

No man loves a lazy, indolent, passive, idle, backward, sleeping, purposeless and visionless woman! If you want a hardworking man, be hardworking, up and doing, agile, proactive, versatile, business minded, creative and industrious. Learn how to make money and have an active bank account!

Ladies who read rather than jump from house to house gossip about nothing in particular don’t lack admirers especially men. Ladies, take note!

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