8 Winning Tips to Flirt a Guy And Make Him Diҽ For You All The Time

1. Show interest in his life

Knowing about his casual interests, passion and ambitions gives you a lot to talk more. This is how your break ice to get closer and closer.

2. Smile and stare at him

Just stare at him confidently and give a pleasant smile. Expressing your like through smile is the easiest way. It is a super cool tip to flirt a guy.

It costs nothing but gives you loads of returns. Dare a little and do it this time when your man is around you.

3. End the conversation first

When you are expecting your guy to chase you and fall for you, then end the conversation. Keep him wanting more of you. Feel the pleasure of his cute efforts, like for you. Let him adore your coolness, smartness. This is a secret behind guys falling for the girls.

4. Share something important

Share your thoughts with him. Let him know how much his opinion means to you.

Giving importance to someone you like is among the kindest ways to flirt. You can do it naturally with whole heart. Specify that why sharing with mattes to you. Oh, take all the blush and adore his smiles after this clean flirt trick.

5. Praise him about his ideas

You must acknowledge it as you like him. Praise him genuinely and blow his mind. A shy guy would smile away at your compliments. But out spoken wait for your praises and they tell you back how it feels for them.

While you are praising him also tell how melting his smile is. This is bonus flirting tip.

6. Send cute gifys

Send him cute gifys in between a casual conversation. A chat box is always an easy place to express more of you. Make it look like you want have secret feelings for him. Keeping it still as a secret, you can enjoy flirting more and more. You can write those small cheesy lines along with the gifys.

7. Let him catch you looking at him

Act like it happened accidentally and throw a smile. If he smiles back then got the sign for an invitation of flirting. But don’t flirt on the same day. Let your smile and look linger in his thoughts.

8. Respect his likes

All of us keep telling each other what

s good on whom. But we don’t redo it unless we want to impress them. Play this trick when you both are catching up.

If you told you, you look beautiful in loose hair, then pull off the hair band for him. Do with elegance and blush a little. This is how classy girls flirt with a guy without even his notice. He is already falling for you.

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