10 Major Health Problems That Females Usually Don’t Pay Attention to

As a lady your life is regulated around your monthly cycles and there are many things happening around your menstruation or pregnancy that make your ignore some of the key signs and symptoms of serious diseases.

here are our top 10 picks for ignored signs and symptoms that you should consider from now on:

1. Chin Acnes/Pimples.

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If you are a female that experience menstruation , You have experience with chin acne or pimples too because around 10-14 days before your menstruation begins, you will experience a surge rise in both estrogen and progesterone hormones and that’s normal.

But after menstruation those pimples should disappear in about a week, if not you should visit a hormonal related physician to tell if there’s anything wrong with your hormonal system.

2. Elongated emotion/Depression.

As mentioned before you’ll experience hormonal rise around your menstruation and this can sometimes result in some sort of anger or sadness.

But if around 10 days after menstruation you still felt Emtional/angry and depressed. make sure to pay a visit to a psychologist because that could be a sign for PMS Premenstrual Syndrome ) that usually need anti-depressants as treatment.

3. Loss of appetite.

It’s okay for a women to loss some of their appetite during pregnancy or a few days around their menstruation, but normally if you felt elongated loss of appetite or loss of appetite in normal time, You may have to pay a visit to your physician because this can be a sign of many serious cases like ovarian cancer.

4. If your menstruation blood look darker and rich in clots.

It’s normal to have a different colored menstruation blood and also normal to little to moderate amount of clot in the blood. But if you find your menstruation blood to be really dark and rich of clot for more than one menstruation cycle. This could mean some diseases such uterine fibroids ( which is inflation of uterine size – not cancer ) .So paying attention to your ministration blood is not a bad idea.

5. Frequent small hair-loss.

Losing a bit of hair once in a while or after bathing might be a normal thing. but if you’re consistently losing a small or big amount of hair, You should consult a physician because this could be due to hormonal irregularity especially Testosterone ( Yes Testosterone is male’s hormone but women also need it for their physiological functions ).

6. Chest size increasing.

If you’re around 20-22. You defiantly have reached some level of maturity and your breast size should be increasing or decreasing according to your weight or pregnancy.

But if you’re experiencing non-reasoned increase in your chest size or a quick increase in your chest size. You should consult experts because that could mean hormonal irregularity or even breast cancer.

7. Getting shorter.

Yes! If you measured your height and you felt like you’re shorter by more than 0.5 inch you’re not losing your mind because it’s possible. This might be due to a disease that women experience it more than men called “ Osteoprosis – Degradation of bone cells “ which normally due to low levels of Calcium and Vitamin D.

8. Side corners of your lips are very dry or cracking.

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