15 Pics Featuring Two Opposite Types Of Girls

There is always someone in our friends’ gang that “doesn’t fit the group” and we are not saying this as it is something wrong. It goes both ways! My best friend, for example, was the shyest girl. I, on the other hand, was the expressive and extrovert one. Yep. That kind of “misfit”. Why? What else did you think? LOL.

There is this term for differentiating two things called ‘dichotomy’. It means our human brain classifies and analyzes everything around us. “There are 2 types of people” picture compilation is a trend all over the internet. It became famous only because there are two different types of people in a duo or more (luckily because the world would be so boring!)

Viral Strange has collected 15 pictures that feature two types of girls. Let’s see…

1. Two prom queens

© TimJacobs / Imgur

2. Two types of girls for Halloween

© ThisIsAitch / Imgur

3. The “shy” one and the “hot” one

© MNLynx / Imgur

4. Another different duo for Halloween

© unknown / Imgur

5. LOL

© ashjones94 / Imgur

6. Two different types of costumes

© unknown / Imgur

7. Who rocked the costume?

© acidcow.com

8. Pizza vs. Bunnies

© harsharank / Imgur

9. Shorts and short shorts…

© acidcow.com

10. I’d be the one on the right… LOL

© GallowBoob / Reddit

11. The “bro” girl vs. the “lady” girl

© acidcow.com

12. Heels vs. flats

© acidcow.com





15. Daring vs. Scared

© followyurbliss / Imgur

Which one of these girls are you? Tell us more about the types of your friends in the comments.

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