BREAKING: Lori Harvey & British Actor Damson Idris BREAK UP…. Lori’s BACK TO THE STREETS!

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey and her new boyfriend – British actor Damson Idris are OVER!

The pair went official with their relationship in January, and reportedly, after three months of dating, the couple called it QUITS!

Lori Harvey, 26, is known for dating some of the most successful men in Hollywood and the music industry. She landed men like music mogul P. Diddy, Future, Trey Songz, and Michael B Jordan.

The young entrepreneur’s longest relationship was with A-list actor Michael B Jordan as they dated for over one year.

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The pair quickly became the IT couple of Hollywood with rumors circulating that Jordan, 36, was ready to pop the question to Lori.

The couple split suddenly and Lori began dating another S-list actor Damson Idris just 6 months later.

The pair went Instagram official in January on Lori’s birthday. “If you missed it, I hate that for you,” Lori captioned her post on IG with a series of photos.

Lori included a photo of herself with Damson laying a kiss on her cheek and his hand on her butt. This confirmed that the two were officially dating.

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The pair were then seen everywhere together – from out and about to formal events.

But word on the street is that the couple is no longer together.

“They were dating and it was great, but they’re no longer around each other like that,” a close source confirmed.

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The friend claimed that there is no beef and no one cheated – they are just doing their own thing right now.

“There’s no beef, no cheating, nothing like that. They’re just doing their own thing right now,” the friend said.

And it sounds plausible because Damson was recently seen at multiple events ALONE. The 31-year-old actor attended the Los Angeles premiere of the new Netflix show Swarm last week where Lori was missing.

The Snowfall actor also attended the NAACP Image awards two weeks ago.. again ALONE.

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