Tyler Perry Reveals He Still Drives His Geo Metro He Used To Sleep In, Despite Being Worth $1 Billion

Tyler Perry has amassed a fortune. For those wondering why, the king of black media has dropped several gems over the years. At the center of his tool kit is a big amount of humility and gratitude that keep him grounded. One of the ways Perry keeps himself humble is by holding on to the car he used to drive when he had nothing.

In a recent post, Tyler Perry opened up about the tiny blue car that he takes out for a spin occasionally to remind him of where he started. Perry is still a proud owner of his Geo Metro. In the post, Perry says that when he was struggling to make ends meet, it was a tiny car like that Geo Metro that served as his home. “Every now and then, I take my Geo Metro out for a spin. (When I was homeless it was a car just like this that was my shelter),” he said in the caption.

Perry went on to say that being aware of your journey is very necessary to help keep you on track. “If looking back at how far you’ve come doesn’t make you thankful, I don’t know what will,” he told his 7.1 million followers. “There’s no way to be ungrateful when you appreciate every blessing you have,” he continued.

Perry has always been very transparent about his struggles before stardom. While homeless, he used to survive on a box of cookies for an entire week because it was all he could afford. Fans in the comments applauded him for sharing his story along with two posts about the car. In one, he sat on the driver’s side with the door open, smiling. In the second, you can see him driving the car up to a building, possibly on his lot.

“Every now and then you got to go back be reminded where you come from,” he said while opening the door. Perry ended his caption by saying, “And if you’re still in the struggle please fight on…. It’s so sweet on the other side of pain.” One person commented, “Love this reminder to be grateful 😍.”

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