Tamar Braxton Dragging Kandi Burruss By Her Vocal Chords, Calls Her A Billy Goat, Who Can’t Sing

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss are living up to their reality television reputations. The R&B divas’ names are in the headlines today as Tamar Braxton has been calling out Kandi’s vocal abilities following claims Todd Tucker made inappropriate remarks to Tamar that made her feel unsafe.

Apparently, Tamar alluded to there being beef between her and the Tuckers several months ago but never named names. Andy Cohen was able to get her to speak recently after trying to connect the story to Drew Sidora or Eva Marcille. After confirming it was Todd and Kandi, Tamar continued, “And it really did happen; I’m not lying. Like, I’m not looking for attention or drama or anything like that, but that really happened; it was not cute.”

The women were on a season of Celebrity Big Brother together where they had issues, but Tamar says she assumed they had squashed it all until Kandi and her husband approached her at a show in December. She says her fiance Jr checked Todd at the next venue, and the couple was mute on the subject. Well today, Tamar had time and decided to call Kandi out after a recent episode of SWV & Xscape where Kandi questioned SWV’s network. Tamar, who just released an SWV sampled single, believes that Kandi has no right to have such a large ego with such a bad voice. Calling her “the most non-singing person in the entire music industry.”

In a follow-up tweet that she’s since deleted, Tamar also calls Kandi a “Billy Goat” and referred to her husband as “Todina.” She then tried to walk her comments back, declaring that she is “healed AND saved.” However, Tamar refused to be a “roll over rover” and is “standing firm on what she said happened.” Kandi has denied her husband, Todd Tucker said anything threatening to Tamar Braxton. However, the RHOA cast member did admit she and Tamar exchanged words but declined to go into detail about what was said, stating she’ll discuss that on another platform.

Kandi suggests Tamar is playing the victim, which made Tamar call her out again. “Kandi wants to deflect and condone her man behavior by calling me a ‘victim’ (smh)… it’s abusive and disrespectful, and it’s NEVER OK FOR A. MAN TO STEP TO A WOMAN!!!” Tamar stated. Tamar’s fiance has her back. Jeremy Robinson (JR) took to Instagram to defend his fiancee. JR claims he had a conversation with Todd about what he said to Tamar. According to JR, Todd was embarrassed about it and apologized. While Todd attempted to rationalize what he said to Tamar, JR told him it should have never happened and asked him to apologize to Tamar in person.

Fans on Twitter think this is all just to promote a show since Tamar is scheduled to take the stage with Xscape and Monica on April 1st in Washington DC. Others think the ladies are campaigning for a storyline on whatever future show they could appear on together. “This gotta be an audition for RHOA!!! We’re gonna pass Ms. Mamas,” said one fan.

Todd has not responded publicly to Tamar’s claims. We’ll keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.

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