Chris Brown Obsessed Fans Keep Showing Up At Singers Home, One Successful Made It Inside

While some corners of Twitter would want you to believe that Chris Brown is irredeemable for his actions over the years, a legion of die-hard fans would beg to differ. Brown is currently on a sold-out tour around Europe and continues to be one of the game’s most in-demand talents. He is so loved that he even has stalkers. Let’s take a look at the women who have tried to get to Chris Brown by any means necessary.

Chris Brown’s latest obsessed fans made herself known last fall. In September, Chris Brown took to social media to reveal that a member of his Team Breezy had snuck onto his property. The woman was driving a white Tesla when she crashed into a white Chevrolet pick-up truck on Brown’s estate. The 33-year-old R&B star shared a picture of the crazy scene. “Bruh [eyes emoji] wtf?! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. PEOPLE REALLY FRIED!!!, he said to his 134 million followers. “Another stalker … this time these folks done ran into somebody sht… sht look like the Hulk just placed this truck on top this Tesla.”

In 2022 Chris Brown was confronted by multiple stans. In April, a fan visited his home unannounced over ten times. Chris Brown lives in San Fernando Valley, Tarzana, to be exact. While many famous folks live comfortable, quiet lives in the area, Brown’s property is probably one of the most popular and accessible to the public thanks to his loud parties and frequent aerial views of the mansion, so fans are quickly able to spot it. The singer has received multiple complaints from neighbors in the past.

In 2020, Brown posted a video of him arguing with a woman who was actively trying to jump over his fence. “Mental Illness is real!! She tried to sneak over the gate at my crib, but she saw my dog, and he saw her (WTF was my homie zooming into).” The video is still live on his social media, with the comments disabled. A silly Chris can be seen squatting low to see the woman who was standing inside the bushes. While a lady in your bushes could certainly be weird, how about a woman in your bed?

In 2015, Chris Brown said he returned home from a trip to find a woman sleeping in his bed. She had apparently been there several days because she had cooked a few meals in his kitchen, painted messages on his walls, and carved her name into one of his pricey vehicles. Brown says the woman took the hinges off his door to gain access to his property. “I get home and find this crazy individual in my house,” he said on social media. That woman was later taken into custody.

In 2019, Chris Brown held a yard sale at his home and invited fans over. The singer took to Instagram to announce the event captioning, “DA CRIB.” The announcement led to thousands of fans showing up at Chris Brown’s home to shop for items priced from $10 to $150. Some fans think it’s fitting that Brown should have stalkers since he has been accused of being one as well. During his fallout with ex-girlfriend Karruche Tran, Brown was accused of following her and popping up on her unannounced in public. She currently has a restraining order against the vocalist, that is believed to be the reason why his AMA performance was cut since she was a presenter that evening.

Thankfully, Chris Brown has remained safe throughout these various attempts.

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