“Father’s Heartbreaking Tribute: He Got His Dying Daughter’s Last Note Tattooed Forever!”

In order to permanently ingrain the memories of his deceased daughter in his subconscious mind, a man decided to tattoo his last words to himself.
The deceased tragically died from cancer when he was a very young man, and now his loving father has immortalized her by having a tattoo of a message that contained her dying words placed on his body.
“My daughter died of cancer before she died,” the father added. According to a social media post, “She created this drawing for me, and I now wear it on my skin.”

Internet users who were enthralled by the tale have commented on it;


@Whats4_T_MattyD; Bring an eye-tear to that person. As parents, we take far too many small things for granted. Even if it’s simply waking my kids up, I’ll strive to embrace every morning I can.


@GrazaWhu; I’m unable to imagine going through it. That should help him get through, I hope.

@DragonLord1975; On #InkMaster before, similar material was posted. Heartstrings are strained. A father’s love for his child is as enduring as permanent ink. Therein is THE message.

Oh my God, @RedBloodYNWA. After seeing it, I actually had to wake the ladies up and give them hugs in their room. After that, I’m not sure where people will get the strength to continue.


@steveleavis; Tragic and inspirational all at same. more tenacity than I was able to produce. May God bless your daughter. I’m heading out to give God praise for my, which is still there. I applaud you.

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