‘I HAVE WORLD’S biggest boobs – they weigh as much as watermelons and won’t stop growing’

In an unexpected setting, Keisha Johnson, an attractive African American woman, has gained worldwide fame for possessing the largest breasts on record, measuring at an astounding 164XXX cup size and weighing 40lbs each.

Initially, Johnson had a natural D cup size, but her desire for larger breasts led her to undergo three surgeries, including a procedure involving polypropylene string implants—a method now banned due to its potential for uncontrollable enlargement.

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn has cautioned that such implants can lead to a cartoonish and continuously growing bust size. However, despite her massive breasts, Keisha Johnson claims that her back remains unaffected, thanks to her rigorous back exercises.


While she currently embraces her unique figure, Johnson has expressed intentions to reduce her breast size in the future.

Known as the “queen of boobs” on Instagram, Johnson keeps her fans updated with regular posts about her life and experiences. Her story stands in stark contrast to Texas model Serena Monroe, who sports saline implants weighing over 20lbs each and aspires to go even larger, despite facing significant challenges in finding suitable clothing.



On the natural front, Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the title for the world’s largest natural breasts, which continue to grow and currently weigh 60lbs each. Like Johnson, Hawkins-Turner has amassed a dedicated fan base, fascinated by her extraordinary physical attributes.



Keisha Johnson’s journey to fame has taken an unexpected turn within the confines of prison, where her transformation has captivated the world and sparked conversations about body modification and the extremes of cosmetic surgery. As she navigates her unique path, Johnson’s story serves as a remarkable example of how personal choices can lead to unforeseen fame and challenges.

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