Tyler Perry Announces New Madea Movie “Joe’s College Road Trip”

A new film starring actor and director Tyler Perry’s renowned character Madea has been unveiled. “Joe’s College Road Trip” is the title of the film, which should be released at some point in the future. The title of the film implies that it will follow Madea on a road trip with a figure named Joe, albeit not much else is known about the plot. This could be a stand-alone picture or a follow-up to one of Perry’s earlier Madea films.

The news of a new Madea film has thrilled fans of Tyler Perry’s films. A well-known figure who has appeared in numerous of Perry’s films is Madea. She’s a gun-toting, tough-talking grandma who never hesitates to voice her opinions. According to Perry, he intends to carry on producing Madea films for as long as audiences are interested in seeing them.

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