People are angry over a sign that a KFC restaurant displayed on its doors, but the restaurant has refused to remove it.

The previous few years have been challenging for law enforcement authorities, and the future only promises to make matters worse. Many police officers have been singled out and mistreated, and some people believe that all police are dishonest or corrupt in some way.
Well, one restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio decided they would be the ones to change things. They aimed to convey to the men and women who serve our nation how much their sacrifices are honored and valued. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the sign that is visible in the store window!

All uniformed police officers will receive a free supper every day.

Because the work that they perform each and every day, each time they put their personal safety in danger to ensure that we are all protected, in order to unequivocally show to all the men and women who wear uniforms that they have the unwavering thanks of the city.

A fantastic hot lunch is the best way to recharge before, through, or after a difficult day. It may even contribute to making the streets even safer, which is amazing.
Since the advertisement was posted in the KFC window, everything has gone completely crazy; it has amassed well over 5,000 Facebook shares and 10,000 likes.
The company’s employees have even joined in the discussion and left comments on the Facebook page, confirming that they do, in fact, provide completely free service to all uniformed police officers at any time of the day or night.
The vast majority of people, especially those who work in law enforcement, may be expected to be really supportive and thrilled about it, but there are also a lot of people who are not at all thrilled about it!
Customers who strongly disagreed with what the shop owners had done stated that all first responders, not just the police, should be included. In fact, the Ohio Going Blue program’s administrator, who is also a law enforcement officer, said he couldn’t agree with these consumers more.

He stated:

Some of you just don’t seem to be able to see the bigger picture, even though this is a good topic.
I can guarantee you that my colleagues feel the same way, and I never attend a company, whether I am wearing my uniform or not, with the intention or desire to receive anything for free or even a discount because I am a law enforcement officer. We do not value being accorded “special treatment.” In actuality, KFC understands the necessity of law enforcement, which is why this was posted. Those who said that additional first responders ought to be honored. My response? ABSOLUTELY. “It is acceptable to give our brave law enforcement officers a free dinner in recognition of the fact that they risk their health and safety every day to protect us and receive no compensation for their efforts. Therefore, it is only fair to do so.

What comes to mind when you see the KFC sign in the store window? Do you agree with it?

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