Whoopi Goldberg Is Criticised by Riley Gaines: “You Don’t Care About Women”

Producers of “The View” probably knew Whoopi Goldberg would have a field day with Riley Gaines when they called her on to clarify the situation.

They made a mistake. Ms. Gaines participated in the program remotely to share her experience of losing to a man twice her size.
Before she could finish her sentence, Whoopi shouted, “Just admit you’re a bigot who wants to get rich by riding on Lia Thomas’ coattails.” Gaines, who at first seemed shy and quiet, instantly changed into the fierce rival we all know and love and assaulted Whoopi.

She stated firmly, “You don’t genuinely care about women. “You don’t know what it’s like to experience something like this,” she said. Goldberg was speechless.
After gaping her mouth open for a time, Whoopi finally expressed regret. She said, “I’m sorry.

She said, “I apologize…What> Did you just say to a black New Yorker woman about how difficult your life is? You tied for fifth place, sweetheart. You want to take Tomi Lahren’s place. Sweetheart, your eyes are far too close together.

Gaines answered immediately. “Oh yeah?” she exclaimed, “Well, then you don’t even care about women!” For her, it was undoubtedly a fantastic moment. God has blessed Riley Gaines, America, and the world.


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