A gloomy, plain-clothed lady entered the supermarket!

The grocery was entered by a woman who was subdued in appearance and behavior. She meekly approached the owner and asked if he may think about letting her take some items with the promise of payment later. She stated that they had seven children to take care of, that her husband was seriously ill and unable to work, and that they were in desperate need of food.

The security guard was directed to take the customer out by the store manager, who flashed a signal to him. She persisted despite being discouraged as she kept thinking about her hopeless family circumstances. She pleaded, “I promise, I’ll pay back as soon as I can. The store manager, however, remained steadfast and refused to offer assistance to a stranger. They were unaware that a client at the entryway had been paying close attention to their conversation.

A sympathetic consumer suddenly stepped in and expressed his concern for the woman’s situation. “Do you have a shopping list?” the store manager summoned her over. She said, “Yes, sir,” in a low voice after nodding. He added, “Very well, place your list on the scale, and I will provide you with food equivalent to its weight.”

The woman took out a piece of paper and started writing after a brief pause. She delicately placed the paper on the scale, and it immediately began to fall as though a large stone had been placed on it. Both the store manager and the customer were astounded by the startling sight. The store manager tried stacking food products on the other side of the scale with determination, but to no avail. Even as more and more provisions were added, the scale stayed static. The woman eventually found her paper, which caused the store manager to check it for any hidden agendas.

To his surprise, the paper contained a sincere prayer rather than a typical shopping list. The message said, “Our Lord Almighty, you are aware of my needs; I surrender my situation into your hands.” The store manager was moved by the woman’s strong faith. He didn’t say anything as she walked out of the store, but later decided to give her everything her paper’s weight had stood for.

I hope you are blessed if this tale touched you. Please feel free to spread the word about this inspiring story to those who might benefit from its message.

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