She was surprised to learn what she had been seeing after discovering some white eggs hanging from a tree.

Maria and her daughter Sofia took a stroll across the fields surrounding their small community on a lovely summer day. Maria noticed a little tree as they continued to walk. She had never seen little white fruits before, so she was intrigued by the tree’s production.
Maria initially thought the fruits were bird or animal eggs. But as she looked more closely, she saw that they were actually eggplants. Sofia immediately enquired as to whether they may bring some of these unusual white fruits home to use in their cooking.

Maria was a little nervous because she had never cooked with white eggplants before and didn’t know how to prepare them. But Maria decided to try it because Sofia insisted on it. They brought the eggplants home after she took a few of them from the tree.

Maria immediately started working when she was back in their kitchen. She looked to online recipes for direction in order to properly cook the eggplants. She finally decided to make eggplant parmesan, a traditional Italian dish she had always loved.

The eggplants were thinly sliced, deep-fried till golden brown, then topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce and baked in the oven until bubbling and hot. She and Sofia sat down to enjoy their work once it was finished.

The eggplant parmesan turned out to be incredibly delicious, much to Maria’s delight. The soft, delicately flavored eggplants were the ideal partner for the zesty tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella.

Maria started going to the property every summer after that to see how the white eggplant tree was doing. It continues to produce its distinctive and mouthwatering fruit every year. They had even developed an eggplant parmesan recipe that quickly became a family favorite. A couple of the white eggplants would fall from the tree, and Maria would pick them and bring them inside to eat.

For Maria and Sofia, the discovery of the white eggplant tree had unlocked a whole new universe of culinary opportunities. Additionally, it served as a reminder that occasionally, the most stunning and unexpected gems can be discovered in the unlikeliest of locations.

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