This Is The Number One Reason People Get Back With Their Exes

Of course, deciding to get back together with an ex-spouse might be difficult. You might want to give them another chance, but if nothing has changed, you don’t want to put yourself through the same ordeal again. So, 1,000 Americans were questioned by, a website that offers advice on casinos, about breaking up, getting back together, and everything in between. Even though they examined a variety of features of breakups and reconciliations, what they found most surprising was the causes of reunification.
“What we found most surprising is that superficial efforts weren’t as likely as long-term commitments to convince most people to change their mind on a bad breakup,” the team tells Bustle. “When someone gets dumped, they may put more emphasis on ‘looking’ their best or making superficial changes to attract their former. Our research indicates that changing your lifestyle is the greatest method to win your ex back.

It makes sense because genuine changes to who you are are more important than surface-level ones. Even when there have been numerous changes, getting back together is not always the best course of action. Sometimes the real reason for the breakup was far more serious.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to reflect on such a major decision if you’re thinking about reconciling with an ex. According to psychotherapist and love expert Dr. Nikki Martinez, “staying too close to them and spending too much time with them does not allow you to move on from them or to meet new people.” So even if they appear to have changed, allow yourself some time before making a decision.

Are you curious about the modifications that have the greatest impact on rekindling your relationship? Here are the results of the survey.

1.Lifestyle Modifications

The majority of respondents (56%) believed that this would genuinely cause them to change their opinion of someone. You can see why lifestyle may potentially be a major one given that it serves as a catch-all phrase for everything you do in your life, from how much you party to unhealthy habits like smoking.

2. Apologies and a Promise

Admitting they were mistaken and offering something for the future of a relationship was another well-liked solution, and it was successful for 51% of survey participants. I believe that would have to depend on how trustworthy of a person they were in the first place, as promises are useless until they are kept.

3. They shifted their attention to physical fitness

I was astonished to learn that 51% of respondents were in favor. Perhaps, though, this goes beyond the surface and discusses how exercise can have an impact on a variety of aspects of your life, from your mood to how you spend your time. Exercise, in my experience, has accompanied reductions in drinking and smoking, so there is undoubtedly the possibility for holistic advantages.

4. Their friendship was restored.

You sometimes need to release some of the pressure. And 47% of respondents thought that getting in touch with old pals would help. Without all the baggage and pressure, you may just feel like two people and remember what you enjoyed most about them. And on sometimes, it succeeds.

5. They Were More Willing To Commit For The Long Term

This is expected. It seems obvious that for 46% of respondents, truly being willing to commit was the game-changer because failing to commit can end relationships.

6. A Grand Gratitude and An Apology

Some people enjoy those scenes in movies. Furthermore, the apologies and romantic gesture together won almost 46% of the audience.

7.They Had A Greater Willingness To Share Their Interests.

Shared interests, according to 43% of respondents, would work. It seems logical that this would be a compelling reason to get back together because it’s a smart method to demonstrate your concern for and willingness to dedicate serious time and energy to the relationship.

The decision to get back together with an ex depends on you and your relationship, but this survey reveals that you need consider other factors besides just how hot your ex has suddenly become. The only way things can work out a second time around is if you are more compatible now than you were before, so if you’re thinking of rekindling, it’s crucial to concentrate on this.

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