My wife was in bed next to me when I suddenly received a Facebook notification asking me to add a woman.

I thus added her. I replied to the friend request asking, “Do we know each other?” after accepting it.She responded, “I heard you got married, but I still love you.”

She was a former acquaintance.

In the photo, she appeared to be rather lovely. After a long day at work, my wife was blissfully asleep when I ended the chat and turned to face her.

I was observing her and pondering how secure she must feel to be able to sleep so soundly in a strange house with me.
She has traveled far from her parents’ home, where she spent the previous day with her family.

Her mother was there when she was sad or distressed, allowing her to sob on her lap. She would chuckle at the jokes her sister or brother would tell.

She still put a lot of trust in me despite the fact that her father would bring her everything she wanted when he got home.
I picked up the phone and pressed “BLOCK” after having all these ideas.I sat next to her as I turned to face her.

I am not a child; I am a man. I’ve pledged to be loyal to her, and I will keep my word.

I’ll fight to the end to avoid betraying my wife and destroying families.

Godspeed to all obedient men.

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