A Look At Mariah Carey’s Cosmetic Enhancements Throughout The Years

Mariah Carey is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Thanks to her monumental success, Carey is able to live the dream life of excess and opulence, something she has never shied away from. The pressures of being a pop diva have always weighed on Carey, who jokingly talks about being ageless and calls her birthdays “anniversaries.” For Carey, staying young has been much more than a state of mind. Let’s look back and the years of rumors surrounding her and her cosmetic work.

Making her debut in the late ’80s, Mariah Carey was introduced to the world as a soulful singer/songwriter with a girl-next-door charm. She sported mostly black outfits, large curly hair, and minimal makeup. We know now through her various interviews and memoirs that much of Carey’s image was controlled by her first husband, Tommy Mottola. At odds with her mixed features and pressured to compete with much sexier stars like Madonna and Janet Jackson, Mariah went through an evolution over her first few albums. Straighter hair, fewer clothes, and heavier makeup would culminate in the Mimi we know today.

Many believe it wasn’t just the clothes, hair, and makeup that changed. Mariah seemed to be getting work done as well. In Touch Weekly did a piece on Mariah Carey in 2017, where two plastic surgery experts tried to unpack the work she may have had done over the years. They noted changes in Mariah’s nose, something fans have pointed out for awhile. Before and after photos online show what appears to be a slimmer nose on the star. Other sites point out her larger breasts and bum well before having children.

Mariah has been accused of liposuctions for years as well, with fans noting obvious signs of surgery on her tummy region. Even at her thickest, it seemed like Mariah Carey had a set of sculpted abs, and her belly button shape has changed a few times. Carey has also seen her weight fluctuate a lot over the years, with some believing she got gastric sleeve surgery. In 2018, she was said to have lost 30 lbs after getting the procedure. Mariah has kept the weight off with a strict diet and exercise, according to sources.

A former assistant of Carey’s also reveals that she got a $10k butt job around that same time. Mariah took Lianna Shakhnazaryan to court over the leaked information, in which Lianna claimed that Mariah got the work done on the assistance credit card. Mariah is said to have done this with several other cards assigned to assistants and managers because she did not want anyone to know about them. If it is true, Mariah would not be the first or last to get work.

Mariah Carey recently spoke with Cardi B for Interview Magazine, where the women bonded over the pressures of having the perfect body and not always loving what god gave them.Mariah admits to being confused when people find her being “sexier” as an issue but feels that over the years, she’s grown to accept who she is and how she shows up in the world. The singer is now a mother of two children with Nick Cannon, but still works hard to maintain her looks.

Although Mariah Carey’s assistant revealed the singer did undergo surgergy for a bigger and better bum, the singer has not spoke on the matter.

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