12 Signs Your Partner Is Using You

When it comes to having a romantic relationship, we need to be prepared to give in and care for one another. Even though it can be really difficult at times, you shouldn’t typically feel abused by it.
Today, much too frequently, we become content in life and in love to the point where we let those who matter to us the most take advantage of us. We squander our time caring for someone who won’t reciprocate by doing the same for us rather than being in a meaningful partnership. If you believe that you and your partner don’t have the same values, maybe you shouldn’t be together.

I’ll go through a few indicators that you might be giving your all to someone who won’t even give you the time of day in the paragraphs below. Cutting ties and keeping in mind our own value are essential when we discover that this sort of stuff is occurring. You should always remember that you are not a maid.

The 12 Telltale Signs Your Partner Is Using You
1. You feel abused by your relationship.
You shouldn’t feel used by your lover. If you feel taken advantage of, you probably are. If you are unable to sit down with your spouse and discuss this type of issue, you should consider it a warning sign.

2. You frequently experience unease around your partner.
When we are with someone who makes us feel uneasy, the environment completely shifts. When your partner is present, you experience extreme anxiety and find it difficult to be yourself. Are you truly sure this is what you want in a relationship?

3. Your partner is unconsiderate of your needs.
You and your partner have needs, and if your partner is just considering what he or she wants or needs, there is a severe gap. Above all, your requirements must be satisfied; if you are slipping between the cracks, there is a significant problem. Never allow somebody to make you feel less than or unimportant overall.

4. Your partner is only cordial when you give him/her what you want.
You should be aware that you are being used if your partner treats you nicely just when they want something from you. They merely act pleasant in order to acquire what they want, after which they immediately revert to being mean. There should never be a cycle like this one.

5. Your partner prevents you from saying “no.”
You should feel free to express yourself and understood in a relationship. You shouldn’t be hesitant to tell your partner “no” or to express your disagreement with them. The way things should be going is not like this.

6. Your partner never recalls the crucial details.
The most crucial details about you and your relationship should stay in your partner’s memory. Yes, we all occasionally forget things, but if he or she can’t recall something as basic as your birthday, perhaps it’s time to move on. Much better than this is due to you.

7. Your bed mate is egotistical.
There is a fundamental deficiency in your relationship if your lover won’t spend the time to satisfy you in the bedroom. Your partner is acting very egotistically, and you two couldn’t be further apart. Simply put, you deserve the intimacy you long for.

8. Your lover ignores you in favour of hanging out with his or her pals.
You are in the wrong relationship if it makes you feel as though you are being neglected. Of course your partner should be entitled to spend time with friends, but this shouldn’t make you feel as if you never see your partner. You must both be ready to set aside time for one another.

9. Your partner doesn’t try to work out the issues you two are having.
You are unable to discuss the problems that arise in your relationship with your partner. He or she declines to delve deeper and take a seat. Your spouse doesn’t actually communicate with you; instead, he or she just withdraws and leaves you alone.

10. Your partner has a terrible track record of following through.
If your partner never follows through on the things they promise to accomplish, you might think about leaving. Even if it may not seem like much, you deserve a trustworthy person. When someone says they’re going to accomplish something, they should follow through on their word.

11. Your spouse tells you lies.
You don’t have much of a relationship if your partner is lying to you all the time. You are being mistreated and used as a pawn. This has to be over.” By allowing this to go on, you are merely extending the time that you are being abused.

12. If at all, your partner dislikes to chat to you.
Even though your partner may be a little reticent, there is a problem if they don’t want to talk to you at all. Why would you stay with someone who doesn’t even want to talk to you every day? With someone like them, could you really live your life?

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