9 Weird Signs You Might Actually Be A Genius

What if you are a genius who is simply unaware of it? Here are 9 odd indicators that show you are a genius, all supported by science. The nine basic forms of intelligence were described by American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener.
As follows: Naturalists are knowledgeable about nature. Musicians are knowledgeable about sound. Logical-mathematicians are knowledgeable about numbers and logic. Existentialists are knowledgeable about life. Interpersonalists are knowledgeable about people.
Despite the fact that Mozart and Einstein were extremely different individuals and excelled in very different domains, both were recognized as geniuses. There are certain behavioral characteristics that are shared by all individuals who are brighter above average, regardless of the industry or profession they are in.
Here are 9 surprising indications that you are a genius, all supported by science:

1) Do you worry a lot? It’s off to a wonderful start. According to King’s College London personality specialist Adam Perkins, those who overthink and worry a lot are more innovative and creative. According to Perkins, “high neuroticism scorers have a highly active imagination that serves as a built-in threat generator.” Your intrinsic capacity to visualize clearly causes you to overthink things and worry excessively. So the next time you notice yourself overthinking, try coming up with solutions in your head.
2) Are you more likely to talk to yourself? Brain activity in intelligent persons is extremely high. They frequently become mired in their own thoughts and theories. A cognitive boost, stress reduction, and increase in clarity and focus are all benefits of talking to oneself. Stephen Hawking once said, “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” So, if you find yourself talking to yourself the next time, don’t worry; it’s simply one of the odd symptoms that you’re a genius.
3) Do you have a curious nature? Do you always want to know the whys and hows of things? Do you frequently read, observe everything with a desire to learn, and ask plenty of questions? You are then smarter than the typical person. People with exceptional intelligence are incredibly interested and eager to learn and absorb new information. Even Albert Einstein admitted, “I am not smart. I simply have an intense curiosity.
4) Do you frequently lose track of your keys or phone? According to psychology, those with a scatterbrained personality are essentially geniuses. Highly intellectual people have profound thoughts and are interested in deciphering the mystic meaning of events. Because they are thinking about many different things at once, they may become distracted and forget fundamental details like where they put their phone or keys. 5) Do you lack a sense of fashion? If you’re a genius, you’d rather focus your time and mental energy on problems that are more important than clothes.
5) Do you lack a sense of fashion? If you’re a genius, you’d rather focus your time and mental energy on problems that are more important than clothes.
Because of this, people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are renowned for consistently donning the same color T-shirt.
6) Are you a voracious reader? Do you like to read all the time? Great, since it has captured the attention of clever people. They enjoy broadening their horizons and discovering how things operate. There are two categories of readers:
1. The Polymath: these individuals read widely on a variety of subjects. Elon Musk and others like him are like this. 2. The narrowly focused, who favor reading about certain subjects related to their field of competence. Consequently, if you adore reading and literature, you are a genius! “Of all the things, I like books the best.

” Nicholas Tesla 7) Do you like to challenge yourself and push the envelope? For a genius, the brain is the most alluring organ. They enjoy reading, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and other mind-expanding pursuits on a regular basis. They consistently challenge themselves to do things outside of their comfort zones.

8) Do you experience social phobia? It makes sense that people with high IQs experience social anxiety because they are continuously studying their surroundings, reflecting on what is happening around them, and drawing connections.

9) Do you experience addiction-related problems? There is a long history of talented musicians, actors, vocalists, singers, scientists, and other creative minds who have battled addiction. Highly intelligent individuals are at a higher risk of engaging in self-destructive addictive behavior, whether it is to alleviate their loneliness or a need to experiment to tap into their creative side. This is obviously a very unhealthy thing, so if you are a creative genius, you must be very watchful to guard against these impulses. The rarest thing I’ve ever encountered is happiness in bright people. (Ernest Hemingway) Can you relate to the peculiar genius symptoms?

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