A Look At Rapper Da Brat’s Pregnancy Journey With Wife, Jesseca Harris-Dupart

Congratulations are in order for female rapper Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca Harris-Dupart. The couple is expecting their first child together. This will be Da Brat’s first child and Jesseca’s fourth.

Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca Dupart, married last year on 2.2.22. The couple has been very transparent in their attempt to have a child together. Throughout the journey, they faced many obstacles. On January 31st, the couple took to Instagram to announce they were expecting their first child. In the caption, Jesseca wrote, “We are extending the family.” Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and the couple had to wait a little longer.

In the summer of 2022, rapper Da Brat and Jesseca were guests on the Tamron Hall show when the couple revealed they were facing complications in their pregnancy journey. Dupart tearfully praised Da Brat for being very caring and the most nurturing person she’s met in life. While the couple did not detail their difficulties, Jesseca revealed she was hospitalized after experiencing blood clots. It was later revealed Jesseca suffered a miscarriage. The news was devastating to Da Brat who says she had never been more excited about something she never knew she wanted.

The couple gave an exclusive look to People Magazine, which broke the news. In the images, Da Brat is showing off her baby bump in a black suit, and white shirt, posing next to an old school. Judy is also photoed in the images dressed in black, embracing her wife, Da Brat.

In the interview, Da Brat addressed how she gave up on the idea of having a baby on her own because she didn’t get pregnant earlier. However, after meeting her wife, Jesseca, Da Brat was open to many things, including marriage, coming out, and a child. Last year, Da Brat revealed the couple would have their first child, and Da Brat would be the woman carrying the baby. Jesseca already has three children, so she believed it was important for Da Brat to have that experience as well. Initially, Da Brat wasn’t on board with carrying the child but gave in after a while.

The couple received a lot of love from fans all over. Rickey Smiley shared a video surprised Da Brat is expecting. “Brat, You did it! I finna be an Uncle […] Brat I want to say to you, congratulations. I love you.” The comedian ended the video telling Da Brat it’s time for her to return back to work.

Da Brat’s pregnancy is not slowing the rapper down. She has quite a few projects in the works. Da Brat is 48 years old.

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