Scientists Say the ‘Soul’ Does Not Die, it ‘Returns to the Universe’

For as long as there has been humanity, people have wondered, “What happens to us after we die?”

Our bodies perish, but our souls live on.
Two specialists have concluded after conducting a great deal of research that although our bodies pass away, our awareness, or soul, endures eternally. They claim that this is made possible by quantum mechanics. The science that studies how matter behaves at the atomic and subatomic levels is known as quantum mechanics. It explains the characteristics of atoms and molecules as well as the components that make them up. Two (2) Among them are (2):
According to scientists Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, awareness is just information stored at this quantum level. First of all

Coordinated Objective Decrease

According to the two, this storage method is known as Orchestrated Objective Reduction, or Orch-OR. This is accomplished by means of protein-based microtubules, a structural element of human cells that transport quantum information. 1 and 3
According to him, consciousness returns when the patient is revived because the knowledge just re-enters the microtubules. We refer to this as a “near-death experience.” In contrast, if the patient passes away, it’s possible that their consciousness lives on as a soul separate from their body. First of all
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The Physical Universe Is Only What We See
There is an endless afterlife, according to researchers at Munich’s Max Planck Institute for Physics. They contend that once our bodies pass away, our souls continue to exist in this limitless beyond and that the world we live in is but a perception. First of all

According to Dr. Hans-Peter Durr of the institute, “what we consider the here and now, this world, is actually just the material level that is comprehensible.” “The beyond is a much larger, infinite reality.” (1) Research by Hammeroff and Penrose demonstrates that microtubule vibrations at a lower level are the source of awareness. In addition to advancing our knowledge of human consciousness, this could aid in the treatment of neurological, psychiatric, and cognitive disorders. (3) What are your thoughts? Are our souls everlasting after death?


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