Put a roll of paper towel in your fridge: electricity bill is halved and your family will get these amazing benefits

Most of us, I’m sure, always have a couple rolls of paper towels in the kitchen. Not only is paper towel an excellent household product for spill cleanup and cleaning, but it also works well in the refrigerator. Indeed, it is in the refrigerator! As strange as it may sound, paper towels are your hidden weapon for prolonging the freshness of fruit.
As to Reader’s Digest, storing paper towels in the refrigerator might enhance the freshness of your veggies for a longer duration. For those who want to enjoy their veggies and are sick of seeing them deteriorate in the refrigerator, this is a perfect alternative.

Every time you bring some fresh produce home, start by lining your produce drawer with paper towels.
As long as the paper towels are changed out every time, the hack functions as intended. Throw a paper towel inside the produce if it is brought home in a single bag.

When the produce drawer is not becoming as unclean as it used to, that is when the second useful feature of this comes into action. For people who would rather not spend their days cleaning the refrigerator, it is a huge plus.
Food wasting irritates me more than most things. It hurts me when fruits and vegetables spoil before we can consume them, especially considering how expensive fresh produce is these days. Herein lies the role of paper towels. Make sure the crisper drawers are lined with paper towels before you put your produce inside. Include a sheet or two of paper towel in any bags you have with spinach or lettuce.

Your fruits and vegetables release the water they have been holding over time. Produce wilts and gets soggy when left in this water for extended periods of time. The extra moisture is absorbed by the paper towel, prolonging the freshness of your fruits and vegetables.
Perhaps you were already aware of this trick, but if not, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try! Simply utilizing a few sheets of paper towel can have a significant impact on how you store your produce, reduc

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