Dad Kicks Son Out Of House After Young Man Excluded Him From Wedding Over Bride’s Parents

A dad from New Jersey purchased his son a four-bedroom house in Pennsylvania after he attended college there and chose to stay instead of going back to New Jersey.

The father reasoned that the house would be a smart investment because they could visit it sometimes and spend time with their child while traveling from New Jersey to Manhattan for work.
The son was in charge of paying the house’s taxes, services, and upkeep, but the original poster (OP) handled all of that.

Up until the man’s son met his future bride, the arrangement worked very well for both men.
The young man met a woman while residing in the Pennsylvania house, and they quickly developed a serious relationship. Following his proposal, he and his new fiancée moved into his father’s home.
When the young man’s family met his future bride, everything appeared to be going well and everyone got along nicely. But as they discussed the wedding, everything started to go wrong.

The family threw a “get to know you” BBQ at the Pennsylvania home to honor the engaged couple and introduce their son and new daughter-in-law’s relatives.
Everything seemed to be going well at the BBQ at first, when the young guy himself, the OP’s wife and daughter, her mother and sisters, the OP’s son’s fiancée, and the OP himself entered the house together.

Shortly after everyone else left the house, the OP’s wife and daughter came out, both of them appearing quite upset. They refused to explain why they were returning to New Jersey after informing the OP that they were going immediately.

Without continuing to question the women in his life, the OP drove them back to their homes. Once they were home and the women had had time to gather themselves, he found out what went wrong.
The future bride’s family informed the OP’s family that they weren’t “their kind of people” and that they weren’t invited to the wedding even though they had been inside the OP’s house with his wife and kid.

This frightened the OP, who called his son to get his take on the matter. According to him, her family believes that none of us are worthy of their respect and that we should not be invited to the family wedding.
After the phone chat, the OP waited a week to calm down before traveling from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to have a face-to-face conversation with his son. But what shocked and enraged him was what he found when he got there.

The OP had moved in without notifying him, so when he arrived at his Pennsylvania house, he found his prospective daughter-in-law and her family there instead of him.
When his prospective daughter-in-law’s family asked him why he was there, he stated that he had been left out of the wedding and that was why he had gone to talk to his son. Then he was told to get out of their house. The OP acknowledged that

“I snapped and gave them a thirty-day ultimatum to leave. Inform my son that I’m selling the house and that he is welcome to move elsewhere with all of you. My next step is to list the house for sale with a local agent.
The OP’s son wasn’t home when this occurred, but his fiancée, who believed the young man owned the house, not his father, called him at work to inform him of what had happened.
Then the son of the OP contacted and asked why his father was selling his house. In response, the OP said that his son had moved out because he didn’t want to be near his family and was living there without paying rent. “In-laws seem to take over and we no longer count,” the original poster said.

If the young man, his fiancée, and her family didn’t vacate the house within 30 days, a lawyer would evict them. Individuals who saw the post advised the man to get legal advice immediately and that he wasn’t being unreasonable. Rather, they thought the OP was entitled to kick them out.

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