33 Signs He Wants To Marry You (What You Need To Look For)

Following this criteria will help you get to know him well enough to introduce him to your family.
After a long dating relationship, it’s normal to worry if your significant other wants to get married. However, he might not feel like asking you to marry him because he thinks it will scare you off. That leaves you with no choice except to watch out for clues that he wants to tie the knot. It would be ideal, after all, if you heard back eventually.
Every relationship is unique, though. All relationships may not ultimately lead to marriage. We can’t know for sure how your spouse feels, but there are some clear indicators that he wants to make a lasting commitment.
These signals might not be abrupt movements or overt behavioral shifts. However, you can infer some preferences from him. We’ve put up a list of 33 indicators that he wants to start a family with you. Continue reading
34 Indications That He Wants to Wed You
First. You are fully aware of him.
He may wish to marry you if, after a while of dating, he is totally honest with you about everything, including his past, present, and future. This is a sign of a good relationship.
To reveal your darkest secrets to someone else requires a great deal of work. Men are also less willing to express their emotions because of what society expects of them. However, it is significant if he has still shown you his true feelings.
When he opens up to you about his vulnerabilities, worries, and traumas, it shows how dedicated he is to your relationship.
2. He Tells You About His Plans for the Future

The fact that he is open and honest with you about the future is a big indicator that he wants to marry you. He aggressively seeks to ascertain where you fit in and shares with you his professional and personal aspirations. He has you and your life together on his mind, whether it’s via basing his decisions on your objectives or taking you into account before making important life decisions. A happy relationship is mostly dependent on communication, and being in the know about each other’s plans for the future not only increases compatibility but also demonstrates your passion about them.
Three. Recognize His Family

Meeting the family is a significant stage in future planning in many cultures. It’s possible that he wants to wed you if he has shown you his parents, siblings, and grandparents.
Those who a person is closest to in their life are frequently their family. He’s putting his family under pressure to accept you for the long haul by presenting you to them. He is incorporating you into his family, the ones he adores, in return.
The way he speaks to his family about you also matters a great deal. Ideally, he wants his family to get to know you and like you for who you are. He will tell them, I promise, that you are just as important to him as they are. You can tell he’s a keeper if you witness that!
4. Wants To Get To Know Your Family
The fact that he is eager to meet your family is another crucial indicator to be aware of. You would feel at ease introducing him to your family if he is the kind of guy you envision yourself with in the long run.
He tries to leave a positive impression on people after getting to know them. He attempts to interact with them on his own and keeps in touch with them. Know that your dad is doing his best to stay in touch with your childhood memories or that your mum is emailing him the recipes for your favorite dishes.
5. He Attempts To Include You In His Circle Of Friends

His buddies are frequently his second family or his home away from home, much like his family. To him, their assessment of you is just as important as that of his parents or siblings. As a result, he makes an effort to make sure you get along well with his close friends and that they think highly of you. He is most likely trying to get married to you if he truly wants his favorite people to get along.
6. He Finds Marriage To Be Interesting
These days, not everyone is receptive to marriage or believes in it. It can be the case that marriage appears to be nothing more than a formalization of preexisting love and affection.
After talking with him about marriage, you discovered that, on some level, your opinions about the concept and practice of marriage coincide. He is undoubtedly someone who will view marriage as the logical next step in a relationship if he respects the institution of marriage and desires to be legally and passionately committed to you.
7. You’ve talked about whether or not you want children.

One indication that he wants to marry you is if you talk about having kids.
The majority of individuals believe that having biological children makes one a family. However, two partners have to decide on this collectively. It is not unusual for women in heterosexual relationships to hold non-traditional views about parenthood because they bear the brunt of the physical and psychological strain of motherhood.

You and your boyfriend must have talked about creating a family and having kids given your career aspirations and growth plans. The fact that you have both decided on a particular expectation towards parenthood is a big step in the right direction, whether or not you want it.

A man who truly wants to marry you will honor your choice to have children or not, and he will be receptive to whatever changes you make that you feel will improve your emotional and physical well-being.
8. His Family Is Inviting You To Their Events
You are becoming a regular at his family’s gatherings, which is one of the clearest indications that he wants to marry you. You are welcome to help plan the celebration, whether it is for his father’s birthday, his brother’s wedding, or the 50th anniversary of his grandparents’ marriage.
One excellent way to meet his extended family is through family functions. So, it’s clear that he values your relationship and aspires to marry you when he’s comfortable with his extended family knowing about you.
In 9. He Appreciates Your Views Regarding His Choices
Being a team in an adult, mature relationship is also necessary. You support one another through difficult choices and serve as a sounding board for each other’s ideas. More importantly, he appreciates your thoughts and recommendations regarding his choices and way of living.
He is not content to have you listen to him; rather, he considers what you have to say and makes sure you feel heard while making decisions. It may have to do with a new appliance he wants to purchase or a change in his professional path, but the fact that he is asking your opinion shows that he is very interested in getting married to you!
Ten. His Pals Love You
He’s already introduced you to his pals, so you already feel like a valued member of the gang and a part of the group. They miss you when you’re not there, and you get along so well that you have inside jokes.
They consider you to be their own, and they desire your company just as much as they do his. They are there for you when you need them, you are a part of their text chains, and you catch up with them without him.
It may be a surefire indication that a man will marry you in the future if his buddies adore you just as much as you do!
11. He Attends To Your Preferences And Needs

One indication that he wants to marry you is when he attends to your requirements and preferences.
You’ll know he wants to spend the rest of his life with you when he starts to take your wishes and needs into account and acts accordingly. He recalls your preferences and tries to act in a way that reflects them.
He may be thinking about getting married soon if he has fundamentally altered his routine and demeanor to make sure you feel at ease and content with him.
Twelve. Remaining apart from one another is difficult.
If he’s away on a trip with his buddies or business, you miss him. And when you’re gone, he misses you more than he does. He expresses to you how tough your absence is for him and makes an effort to make up for it when you get back. Even when there is a night between their encounters, you are never far from his thoughts.
He is dedicated to you in a way that indicates he wants to be with you in the future if he can openly express his desire for you. He can’t avoid you for even a few hours, which suggests that he will find it impossible to be apart from you in the future. This could be an indication that he wants you to be his wife.
Thirteen. His closest confidante is you.

You are the first to learn about anything that is happening in his life. He has your number on speed dial for anything, good or bad. This is because he knows that when he receives good news, you will be just as thrilled and excited as he is, and that when he receives bad news, you will support him and hold his hand.
14. He Easily Opens Up To You

He is really open and honest with you. You get to hear everything that’s on his mind, and he feels very at ease around you. He doesn’t have to worry about turning you off even when he’s acting his strangest around you.


He can also be sincere with you, discussing his concerns, tension, and anxiety without worrying about your opinion. One major clue that he could want to marry you is the fact that he feels comfortable being himself with you.


In 15. There Is No Romantic Interest On His Part In Other People

Despite his numerous friendships and daily encounters with a hundred new individuals, he consistently expresses that you are the only person on his thoughts. He casually brings up the subject of you and chats about you with strangers to let them know he’s not available.
He may express admiration for others and discuss their character or work, which makes him like them, but you can be certain that this is never done in a romantic manner. He always gives you a sense of security and affection.
sixteen. Your sexual life is fulfilling.

Amazing sexual life is a must for a fulfilling partnership. Your boyfriend is a keeper if he’s making an effort to keep you happy in bed. He will try to find out what you need and what makes you happy since he wants to be with you for a lot longer than just a short while.
17. He Arranges His Calendar to Fit Yours

One indication that he wants to marry you is that he arranges his schedule around yours.

In our hectic lifestyles, it may be a headache to coordinate schedules and keep track of one other’s days. He still tries to find you and spend time with you in spite of it.

One of the biggest indicators that he might want to marry you is if he is tailoring his routine to be with you, whether it be staying up late to meet you when you get home from work or getting up early to make breakfast.

18. The most significant person in his life is you.

He informs you that you are the first person he thinks about before doing anything. You don’t feel like you are less important than anything else in his life, and he would choose you if he had to choose between you and anything else. It’s interesting that he wants to start a future with you by offering you that degree of security and confidence.

19. Most of His Pals Are Wed.

The majority of his pals are married, established couples that you hang out with. Even if you are single, you can relate to them on a deep level because they have many of the same marriage troubles that they do!

A certain amount of FOMO is brought on by having married friends, and you can nearly guarantee that your boyfriend is considering getting married soon.

19. He Has A Specific Age In Mind To Get Married

He informed you that he wishes to start a family and settle down by a specific age during your marriage chat. And if he is getting close to that age, it’s nearly a given that he intends to pop the question shortly. We can’t advise you what more to look for if this isn’t one of the unmistakable signals he wants to marry you!

22. He’s Always Happy And Excited Around You

Your delight makes him dizzy. His expression shows that he is happy to meet you. He doesn’t justify postponing plans. He doesn’t make you wonder when you’ll get to see him again. He makes those arrangements with you and is thrilled to see you every day. In an effort to make you feel unique, he also throws surprise dates and gifts for you.

21. He Always Looks Out For You

For your most recent period, did he bring you a care package? When you have a high fever, does he stay by your side? Did he accompany you to the doctor’s appointment? Does he support you when you seek counseling for your mental health issues?

He is not the kind of person who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of his life with you if he truly wants you to be physically and emotionally well. One of the clearest indications that he will marry you is that he cares for you enough.

Your partner may be interested in marrying you if he sticks by you during tough times rather than running away.

24. You Owned Shared Items

You already purchase shared goods. When you buy anything, whether it’s clothes or specific equipment for his location, you consider how the other person will fit in. If you share custody of your pet and have one together, it is even more significant.
24. He Selects You Above All Others
What if his lads decide to watch the game at the last minute while dad is on a date with you? He doesn’t prioritize you, therefore if he calls out of your date, it’s one of the biggest indicators that he won’t marry you.
When faced with tough choices, a man who truly wants to be with you forever would stop at nothing to make sure he puts you first.
25th. He Discusses Getting Older With You

One indication that he wants to marry you is that he talks about growing old with you.
He speaks of growing old with you. Though it may be in jest or during a lighthearted discussion, he considers their far-off future together. If you believe that this man is not thinking about getting married to you, you are most likely mistaken.
26th. He Says He’s Worried About You
He inquires about your day and shows general interest in your life’s events. He tries to find out why you are nervous or stressed out by asking you how your work has been going. He truly cares about you and your well-being and is there for you when you’re not feeling well.
26. He Has Frequently Raised the Subject of Marriage

He talks about your wedding as though it’s going to happen soon. He casually brings it up and attempts to discuss your future together. He is delaying purchases because he wants to get them when he gets married.
29. He’s Advised Relocating

If you two don’t reside in the same home, he has expressed interest in moving in with you. It’s a terrific idea to live together before getting married in order to get to know each other’s minor habits and quirks. It’s a test before they become husband and wife, so if he recommends moving in, it’s a clear indication he wants to wed you shortly!

29). You can tell he’s getting ready for something.

You’ve seen him repeatedly swiping tabs on his laptop as you entered the room, and he’s been surreptitiously accepting phone calls. You may feel your spidey senses tingling because you know he’s acting strangely. And since you already know that he is still faithful, you can nearly guarantee that he is working on a secret plan.

thirty. He Hasn’t Been Talking To Your Family Usually

His dad has been asking you where he is, and he has been texting a lot. Since parents are notoriously bad at keeping secrets, you may suspect that he is hinting at a potential proposal if they have been letting up on some of the pretenses.
32. He’s Inquiring About Your Ring Size

He’s made an attempt to slyly inquire about your ring size. He may have even asked you which metal or diamond is your favorite. Should you be able to recall such incidents, that may be a strong indication that you should expect an offer of engagement.
33. He was curious about your dream wedding.Did he ask to see your vision board for the wedding? Has he inquired about the food and drinks you would like to be served? Has he asked you how you envision the ideal ceremony playing out? or how you envision exchanging vows with one another? Should this be the case, he will undoubtedly propose to you in the near future.
34. He Has Inexplicably Extended An Invitation to An Extra Special Date
That’s it if he has been talking about a significant date when there isn’t a particular day approaching! It’s one of the best indications that he intends to pop the question and get married shortly.


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