39 obvious signs a guy is crushing on you

Dating could be easier, which would be awesome.

However, in practice, it frequently has a Matrix meets Inception vibe.

This guy, is he into me? Doing this simply for fun? Is he even aware of his feelings? Should I?

Because the answers are so elusive, the questions never stop.

The truth is that a lot of guys tend to be reticent when it comes to their emotions. Guys may even attempt to conceal their genuine emotions from themselves.

Therefore, you need pay more attention to a guy’s conduct and behaviors than just what he says if you want to know if he’s crushing on you.

It’s all talk, after all.

These are the top 39 indicators that a man has a crush on you. He’s definitely into you if he’s completing more than half of these.

39 clear indicators that a guy is crushing on you

A concern for what you say
Consider that. It matters to him what you say.


He most likely has a slight crush on you or at the very least a great deal of respect for you if he turns around and listens to you when you talk and genuinely remembers the specifics and topics you care about.
Focus is difficult to fake.

When a guy isn’t into you, he will be wildly distracted. Someone who is interested in you will pay attention and take note of what you say.

2) He wants you to think well of his pals.
In general, a guy who doesn’t give a damn will make it clear.

However, a guy who develops affections for you will be concerned about your opinion of his friends and those who are close to him.

He thinks that you will find his pals as impressive as he does, so he’ll study your reactions and present them in the best possible light.

3) George is inquisitive.
He reminds me of a curious George, whether or not that’s his real name and presuming he’s not a monkey.

He wants to know everything there is to know about you, including your origins, occupation, and future goals.

Despite his attempts to appear calm, keep an eye out for signs of interest in him. Asking you more than once is a surefire indication that he is interested in you, probably in a romantic sense.

4) Continue to focus on his eyes.
A guy experiences uncontrollable changes in himself when he develops feelings for you. They are deeply ingrained in his innate system.

The most noticeable is that his eye pupils enlarge dramatically. It is the result of gazing onto something we find appealing.

That means that if you’re out with him and his pupils are getting bigger than pizza pies, either the restaurant is unusually dark or he’s got a thing for you.
5) He desires action with you.
A guy who is crushing on you will want to do things with you, like go to the beach, go skiing, and everything in between. This may sound apparent, but it’s still important to say.

Even simply relaxing with a cup of tea or watching a movie that he hardly watches can amuse him.

For him, though, the time spent with you is well worth it.

6) He reverses that grimace.
When a guy is around a women he’s attracted to, even the moodiest and most serious of guys tend to light up a little. Keep an eye out for signs of a smile, even if it’s just a tiny one at the corner of his lips.

Happiness makes us smile, and there aren’t many things that make a guy happier than hanging out with his significant other.

One of the best indicators that a guy is crushing on you is usually when he smiles a lot around you.

7) He desires to get to know your loved ones.
Your desire for a guy to meet your friends and family is one of the telltale indicators he’s crushing on you.

He wants to be included in your life as much as is practical and to know that you value him.

And what better component of life could there be than getting to know the people closest to you?

It matters to him what you think of him.
That a guy cares what you think of him is one of the unmistakable signals he’s smitten on you.

He blushes when you tell him he looks well today, or asks how you like his beard.

When you tell him how much you value his generosity or kindness, he lights up like a Christmas tree. In general, he takes great pride in your opinions of him.

He flushes in your presence.
Blushing is an indication of interest. It’s likely he has a crush on you if he blushes at your attention or praises and gets redder than Rudolph’s nose when he’s around you.

Blushing can be one of the most reliable indicators of attraction because it’s not really anything we “choose” to do.

At that point, all you have to do is decide if you’re crushing on him or if he’s the only one.
10) He honors your limits

A guy who is crushing on you won’t treat you poorly or take advantage of you in any way. He’ll be mindful of your limits.

You should set limits on physical intimacy as part of this. You may be sure that he will heed your advice to take it slow when it comes to physical closeness, even if he is extremely drawn to you.

And he won’t ignore you or stop talking to you because of it, or anything else you discuss with him regarding your boundaries.

11) He tidyes up for your advantage.
It’s a sign of interest when a guy makes his room tidy for you and puts a lot of effort into grooming himself before you meet.

Recall your most recent intense crush on a man:

Did you just sling on a ballcap from the back of your wardrobe and toss on trousers and a sweatshirt?
It’s likely that you spent some time and effort getting ready, maybe even changing into a few different outfits in preparation for his arrival.

It is reciprocal.

12) He is moving toward you.
The fact that a guy gravitates toward you when he sees you is one of the most trustworthy indicators that he is smitten on you.

And he looks at you, pointing his feet.

Observe the way his body is positioned, even though he may be shy and not always look you in the eye. Even in a throng of friends or strangers, if it’s always turned to face you, there’s a strong possibility he’s attracted to you.

13) He’s a famous tap dancer.
There’s a strong probability a guy who taps and modifies a lot around you is interested in you.

Sometimes he does this for romantic reasons, but other times it’s just because he’s restless or he’s trying out for a Riverdance revival.

He transforms into a toe-tapping fiend who can’t contain his excitement because he needs somewhere to release all that tense amorous energy.

14. He’s occupying your space
Another one of those indicators that, depending on whether you’re into him or not, may be either really nice or really disturbing.

One of the clearest indicators that a guy is crushing on you is when he generally leans in your direction and occupies your space.

He wants to be as near to you as possible and get all caught up in you when he’s into you. His intention is for his pheromones to finally drive you insane to the point where you lean towards him as well.

15) Everything is palms.
Our hands are how we have evolved to hunt, heal, and communicate. Exhibiting one’s hands frequently is a symbol of attraction and trust.

If he’s fidgeting all the time or hiding his hands from you, he probably has severe social anxiety or isn’t into you.

He’s more likely to be into you if his hands are clearly waving.

16) Examine his neck
If he seems extremely self-conscious and drawn to you, it could be an indication that his Adam’s apple is bobbing up and down like a contest.

Focus your attention on his throat. In addition, he might touch it frequently, subtly expressing a desire to communicate with you and let you inside his personal space.

Does he constantly touch his throat or fiddle with his tie? Maybe it’s love.

17) Despite the difficulty, he tells you the truth.
Telling you the truth, even when it’s painful, is one of the best indicators that a guy is smitten on you.

He won’t deceive you in order to easily let you down or use different tactics to trick you into doing what he wants.

Whether it’s the fact that his ex wants to see him again or that he is dealing with personal troubles, he won’t hesitate to give you the hard truth.

18) He gives you that impression of a puppy.
He usually gives you puppy dog eyes and tries to maintain as much eye contact as possible when he’s into you.

When you speak, he will turn his head slightly and focus only on you. It’s his heart telling you that it’s ready for business and he hopes it means the same for yours.

19) He appears famished.

It’s likely a sign that he enjoys what he says if he treats you like a juicy steak.
A man licking his lips is typically a strong indication of attraction. Maybe he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

However, his secret amorous side is raising a ruckus and producing that lip-licking response.

20) The boy is sweaty.
Regardless of mom’s spaghetti, one indication that a guy is crushing on you is if his palms are sweaty. Around you, he turns into a sweaty boy who appears to have just finished cutting five lawns in a succession.

He obviously has a thing for you and would love to watch you leisurely lick an ice cream cone on a sweltering summer’s day.

21) His favorite thing to gaze at is you.
Men enjoy admiring beautiful things. He’s most likely more interested in the physical aspects of things if he looks at you with a dessert-like intensity.

However, if he fixes you with that more intense stare, it could be a clear indication that his desire extends past the surface level and into the genuine crush zone.

Try to notice how he looks at you differently from other ladies if you’re curious. Does this make a difference?

22) When he sees you, he inhales deeply.
We women tend to overthink things at times. We spend endless hours going over a guy’s remarks again and searching for all kinds of nonexistent signs that he is into us.

It’s best, though, to simply observe his body language. Before they ever see you, men will frequently involuntarily pump up their chests to appear larger.

Nature is truthful.

23) He disperses
One of the things that particularly irritates some women on the bus and subway is manspreading, which is seen as a sign of masculine entitlement. However, it can be a body language decipherer in romantic situations.

Spreading his feelings around may indicate that he is attempting to get comfortable enough to be more honest and vulnerable with you.

24) He jokes around and makes fun of you.
Animals who are attracted to one another will roll around and play fight, if you watch the Discovery Channel frequently.

The human counterpart would be light-hearted playful taunting.

If you’re buddies, it could be difficult to distinguish between friendly banter and something more, so be on the lookout for any hint of sexual content in his remarks.

Are they only innocuous remarks a friend would make, or are there undertones of sexual tension?

25) He initiates contact
A guy will often reach out to connect with you to indicate his interest. It might begin with obtaining your number and proceed from there.

He’s probably not into you if you’re constantly wondering why he fades away and doesn’t text you first. But, if he’s making the first move frequently, he probably has something in mind for you.

26) He looks up your mouth.
An attraction is evident when one looks at the lips.

Observe the path taken by his gaze. He is most likely more interested in something purely sexual if he is examining your cleavage.

The indication is more romantic and suggestive of a passionate kiss if he has his eyes on your lips.
27) Other men make him angry
A guy showing obvious evidence of a crush on you is when he acts differently around other guys or brings up the topic of other males.

Even if he’s a laid-back man, if you mention a person you might like or if another guy tries to hit you up, he’s going to shut up and act strange.

Seek indications that, despite his best efforts to relax, he is in fact anxious and uncomfortable.

28) He has a crush on you.
Men typically alter their voice when they are attracted to someone romantically or sexually.

When a man is attracted to you, he will frequently speak in a softer tone and move more slowly. Presumably, receiving the vocal velvet treatment is not an error.

If he typically talks louder in a crowd but becomes more laid back around you, this is a really significant indicator.

29) Everything little

A caring guy is one who pays attention to the little things in life.

It is not necessary to remind him of important occasions in your life, such as your birthday, because you can be certain he will remember them. He will, however, also recall minor details, such as your dislike of cilantro or your preference for sugar-free gum.

This guy is really attractive.

30) His speech is clumsy.
He might be nervous from being attracted to you if he stammers when speaking around you like Joe Biden.

He frequently makes mistakes in speech because he wants you to listen to what he has to say but is uncomfortable with what he is saying.

Or maybe he’s just old and inebriated, but who am I to judge?

Thirty-one) He befriends your pals
He wants to be among your friends as much as he wants to win your approval and win your heart.

He desires to spend time with them in order to gain their respect and trust.

In general, he will be able to walk that tightrope between being friends with your friends and still giving you his whole attention, but if he attempts to poach or coopt your pals, this could get a little too much.

32) When he lights up, he calls you.
Though it’s not something any of us want to do all the time, getting wasted on dates can be a clue that you’re someone he’s really interested in.

Drinking frequently lowers inhibitions and makes you want to express your true feelings.

When he’s feeling brave, he’ll frequently turn the volume up on you. Besides, if he says “I love you,” he can always backtrack and explain it was a joke.

33) His hands appear to be drawn to your shoulder.
Of course, this isn’t always a positive thing, but it may be fantastic if he’s a guy you’re into.
He continuously puts his hands on your arms, shoulders, and, if he’s feeling very daring, your hips.

For what reason? I doubt it’s to make you a better friend.

34) His concern is for your ideals and principles.
A guy who is crushing on you wants to know more about you than just your appearance.

Your fundamental views and values, as well as those of your family, your early life experiences, the things that are significant to you, and all of your other passions, will be essential to him.

Even if he doesn’t share all of your opinions, he will still be quite interested in and concerned about them.

Awestruck by you, 35
The fact that a guy admires you and wants to emulate you in specific ways is one of the telltale signals he’s smitten on you.

A guy who is crushing on you will usually be quite interested in learning about your tastes in music, movies, and other things. Beware of guys who merely appear to appreciate what you do in order to get in your pants.

And there’s a good chance he’ll try them at least.

36) He expresses his opinions
A guy that is interested in you will offer guidance and make an effort to improve your life.

He will choose to invest time and energy in listening to your difficulties and supporting you, even when he might just as easily have turned away and gone off on his own or concentrated on his own problems.

His involvement in your life is significant, and it’s quite likely a sign that he finds you attractive.

37) He enjoys giving you new advice.
This one is unquestionably an indication that a man has feelings for you.

He’s most likely trying to capture your heart when he takes the time to teach you new skills or engage in educational activities with you.

It is a lot of fun to teach new stuff to people—as long as it’s not your computer-using Boomer parents.

But there’s a strong likelihood he’s got it bad for you if he takes the extra time and trouble to teach you the ropes.

38) He gets you kind presents.
Any guy can purchase an arbitrary chocolate box. However, a guy who truly has a thing for you would purchase well-thought-out presents that complement your hobbies and interests.

The next thing you know, if you love horses, he got a gorgeous wall print of a foal sprinting through a lush green field.

He recently bought you a subscription to a vintage movie website that features some of the rarest of the rare if you are an avid fan of classic films.

39) He desires to assist.

Some guys genuinely want to help and are true angels. However, a guy who is crushing on you will usually want to lend a helpful hand whenever available.

Any guy who has affections for you will be first in line for assistance with shopping or when you move and will volunteer to help out whenever needed.


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