New Dating Survey Reveals People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex

Yes, it appears that those who enjoy using emoticons also enjoy themselves in bed.

The research is based on data from 5,675 American singles age 18 and over who participated in’s large annual Singles in America survey. There are better and worse (or sexier and less sexy, as the case may be) methods for men and women to converse, according to the survey, which revealed that how all those singles communicate is more complex and fascinating than ever.

Emojis are apparently a turn-on for everyone. In 2014, 54% of emoji users had sex, compared to only 31% of non-emoji users.

In 2014, 52% of emoji supporters and only 27% of emoji haters embarked on first dates. The likelihood of wanting to get married is more than twice as high in the former group as it is in the latter.

Why do emojis work so well for initiating a sexual connection? According to Match’s chief scientific consultant, Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, “it’s difficult to express your feelings in a text message, or even in an email.” Emojis “[let] us [return] that emotion. They’re allowing us to express our emotions, which is what we’re naturally inclined to do.

However, men and women don’t favor the same kinds of literature. Emojis appeal to both men and women, but they have distinct favorites. Women are more likely to use cheerful faces and lips, whereas single men are more likely to use the kiss face and heart eyes. The eggplant was surprisingly nowhere to be found.

Emoji apart, sexting—the act of exchanging sexually explicit text or photo messages—is more significant than emoji.

Although 35% of both sexes and 48% of single men and women have sent explicit messages and photos, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they were wanted.

In actuality, the gender distribution is fairly equal: Many single guys want to see sexts from ladies, yet many females may not share such sentiments:

In other words, even if single people seem to enjoy texting and using emojis, it’s crucial to consider the other person’s perspective. Before emailing someone a picture of your, hmm, “eggplant emoji,” it’s generally advisable for your safety to establish the parameters for sexting.

Despite all of this, the Single in America study doesn’t necessarily reflect widespread trends across the nation. There is plenty of opportunity for various tastes given that the results bias toward the heteronormative and the fact that many women enjoy sexting just fine.

Fisher claimed that, despite changes in texting preferences, the motivations behind dating communication have not changed. In the end, love is still the same old game.

“People always want to tell me, ‘Well, it’s changing love,'” she said. That’s absurd,” she said to Mic. When you meet someone in person, whether you did so through a buddy introduction or on Tinder, you fall back into your old routines. According to Fisher, when you enter a pub or restaurant, you sit down and flirt just like we did 100,000 years ago. “Same laugh, same smile, same head tilt.”

In the end, she continued, “you still end up going out with the person.” “You end up kissing them in real time while holding their hand. There is no way you are kissing a computer screen. Just a new approach to court.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using a smiley emoji to increase your chances. However, leave the dick picture for a different occasion.

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