This Is Why People In Happy Relationships Still Cheat On Their Partner

No matter how happy their partner is with them, how great their household is, or, quite frankly, how hard they try to keep this person for themselves, it will never work when someone has it in them to veer off course. They will cheat if it is necessary. That is a characteristic of people. Regarding intent, nobody can be certain. As depressing as it may sound, a person’s love for you changes along with their feelings, thoughts, and plans. Therefore, it is crucial that people realize that there is only so much we can do to ensure that the ones we love never leave us. There’s just so much that we can accomplish as humans and so much that we have power over.
You might think that your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband won’t ever have an excuse to stray from their happy house or have a fulfilling relationship—that is, it won’t even cross their minds. Even though you might find this upsetting and worrisome, cheating never happens by accident. The choice to cheat on a relationship is not made suddenly. Actually, it’s something that has been brewing in their heads for a while, and they give in to it when they have an excuse to or when they appear to be looking for an excuse to cheat even when none is provided. Whatever the case, when someone cheats, a series of things happen, and there’s usually a reason for it.
Even though you felt that you and your significant other were in a pleasant and regular relationship, finding out that they are cheating on you might be devastating. You might have believed that there was no cause to question their loyalty and motives. People can be tempted to make a bad decision and cheat on their partner even when they are in a high-quality relationship and everything is going well.

When someone truly loves and values their spouse, they don’t deserve to be betrayed, but when that does happen, they shouldn’t kill themselves because they think “maybe it was me” or “maybe he/she just wasn’t happy.” Considering that is untrue. When someone is eager to try something new, they will cheat even if the situation isn’t one that would force them to do so. This explains why happy couples frequently cheat on each other.

1. They are unsure of their desires
The dishonest person is unclear about what they truly desire. On certain days, they wake up next you with a sense of gratitude and happiness, while on other days, they lie awake all day dreaming about how wonderful their life would be if they were single. Even in happy relationships, those who are prone to betrayal will frequently feel stuck in their partnership. They’ll leave yearning to try something different, something fresh—that is, cheating.

2. They believe having an affair does not imply that they no longer love you.
Love and sexual loyalty don’t go hand in hand for a cheater. They have dared to boldly distinguish and divorce love from sexual infidelity. Such thoughts would be along the lines of “I love you even though I had sex with someone else and kept coming back to you,” or “If I slept with someone else, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” Issue resolved. The response they give when questioned about it is that they’re “just” having sex. But in reality, their heart belongs exclusively to you.
3. All they are aware of
If you learn that your partner or girlfriend/boyfriend has cheated on you, you must know them well enough to comprehend the true circumstances. The reason I say that is because people can learn to cheat. The cheater may believe it to be acceptable, justified, explainable, excusable, or even achievable. Perhaps they have been socialized to see cheating in that light. It is possible that one partner has witnessed parental infidelity in the past. Maybe they come from a background where they have seen friends or family members cheat, choose to stray from a happy relationship, or witness couples engage in sexual infidelity. In such cases, it’s likely that the idea that cheating is okay has been ingrained in their minds, normalizing and accepting cheating.

4. Idleness
Whoa, this guy is idle. Even if they are normally pleased, they will give in to the excitement of anything new, like sleeping with someone new. They are looking for fresh, distinct stimulation that doesn’t come from their own romantic partner. That kind of individual will inevitably cheat on their significant other.


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