A Woman Hid Under Bed To Check On Her Husband. What He Scribbled On The Note Is An Unexpected Twist

A displeased wife who was impatiently waiting on her husband to get home from work wrote, “I’m leaving. I’ve had enough of you.”

Save your time and stop attempting to locate me.

Then she hid under the bed, waiting to see how he would respond.

After a short while, the husband comes home, and she hears him in the kitchen before he goes to the bedroom.
She observed him pulling out the message from the drawer.

He waited for a while, scrawled something on it, and picked up the phone.
During the call, he stated, “At last, she’s gone.”

Get into your most alluring French nightgown and come meet me.

It’s great to finally see you. “I adore you.”

We’ll carry out “anything” you request.

After hanging up, he picked up his keys and walked out.

She spent some time hiding under the bed before hearing the automobile drive away.

She sobbed with wrath, tears welling up in her eyes.

To see his scrawls, she reached for the note.

I’m able to see your shoes. We’re out of bread; please return in five minutes.

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