26 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

I knew my life would alter the moment I met my partner and six months later learned we were expecting a child. I understood that being a mother would require some sacrifices, that some of my friendships might change or, regrettably, end, and that time would be of the essence. I was also aware that certain things would remain the same, such as my friendship with my closest friend. I knew she would be my best friend and, as such, my soulmate, even before we had met ten years ago.
Mind you, I place a great deal of importance on my connection with my partner. In addition to being my child’s father, he is my parenting partner, my source of unwavering support, and the guy I go to for pretty much everything. But he’s not the greatest buddy I’ve ever had at my side through all the highs and lows. The relationships that women have with one another are worth discussing. My best friend provides me with certain things that my spouse just can’t. Perhaps because we both understand what it’s like to be women in the world and always support one another in a way that, well, only women can, there is a connection between us that is just different.

That’s why my connection with my best friend hasn’t altered, despite the fact that I have an infinite list of responsibilities as a mother and a family to support. It has, if anything, just become stronger. She’s more than just my best friend; she was there the day I found out I was pregnant, she was there the day my kid was born, and she will be there every day after that. My soulmate is her.

Maybe your best buddy gives you the same affection, support, and encouragement. Maybe this best friend is someone you will always be connected to, rather than just a friend. If you have a buddy in your life that does any of the following for you, count yourself lucky because soulmates who are like that don’t come around very frequently. In all honesty, there are clues that your best friend is your soulmate.

They Don’t Mind If They Don’t Agree With You
A friend will wholeheartedly concur with you on all matters. The bravery to differ characterizes a best friend. Finding someone you can be completely yourself with and appreciating each other’s uniqueness are the true meanings of friendship, not trying to become identical replicas of one another.

They Give You The Information You Need To Hear
Your closest friend will be honest with you if you’re dating someone you shouldn’t be, if you’re making a mistake that will cost you later on, if there’s an item of clothing you really don’t like, if there’s a job you shouldn’t be doing, or if you’re unsure of something and need advice. They care about you enough to tell you the things other people won’t, so they won’t sugarcoat the situation or try to ease your feelings. even if at first you’re not particularly fond of hearing it.

They are the first person you contact in the event of a good, bad, or strange event.
My best friend was the first to find out that I was expecting. Before I even told my partner, I gave her a call. She’s my first call when something important happens, good or bad. She will, I’m sure, support me in processing my emotions, help me decide what to do next, and share a chuckle or two with me.

You are aware of (and hold onto) their secrets.

My best friend knows everything there is to know about me. I would be really scared about this with anyone else, but I know that everything she has on me will remain with her.

You don’t perceive them as rivals.
You won’t feel like you’re always competing with your best friend and their achievements if they are your soulmate. You will not attempt to outdo them, and vice versa.

You Feel Hurt When They Hurt…

My obsession with my best friend may border on pathological, according to a mental health expert, yet when she hurts, I hurt too. I am all of those things, too, when she’s hurt, sad, or angry (and actively looking for the person who damaged her).

And you’re happy when they’re happy.

Naturally, one benefit of having a strong emotional bond with my best friend is that I experience her happiness as being equal to my own. All of her accomplishments, including her recent promotion, her excitement over starting a new relationship, and her happy moments, are also mine. Honestly, one of my favorite things in the world is witnessing my best friend happy, and I am pleased when she is happy.

They Encourage You To Succeed, And Vice Versa

The best of friends will support one another in reaching their objectives. Since witnessing your friends succeed is, quite honestly, the only thing better than being successful yourself, they are all about doing everything in their power to support their best friend’s achievement.
They Encourage You To Improve
It is without a doubt true that my best friend has shaped who I am. Because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do, she has always encouraged me to apply for that job, send that article to that one very daunting newspaper, and move to that huge city. By being herself, she genuinely improves me as a person.

Politics Can Be Discussed Without Upsetting Each Other
Most of the time, my closest buddy and I agree on politics, but when we don’t, we’re not afraid to discuss things in-depth and express our ideas. It doesn’t devolve into a shouting war or hostile attacks, and it most definitely doesn’t resemble any of the numerous presidential debates that we have all had to sit through this past year.

Before your parents, you bring your partner to meet them.
Indeed, my boyfriend was introduced to my best friend before to meeting my mum. Honestly, what counts most is her perspective.

Nothing changes if you go days, weeks, or months without speaking.
My best buddy and I now reside on different sides of the nation for the first time in our friendship. We don’t communicate for far longer than each of us would like to since the distance is difficult and life gets hectic. It seems like no time has passed between us when we do speak and see each other. We’ve returned to our undergraduate days, when we used to live close to one another. It’s really rather amazing.

But You Both Make The Effort To Ensure Regular Communication But, naturally, we both make the time and effort for one another to ensure that we don’t go too long without speaking. Well, social media status updates just aren’t enough. We need to check in, catch up, and be there in each other’s lives.

They’ve Witnessed Your Worst Moments

My closest friend has witnessed both my utter and terrible inebriation as well as my ugly weep (complete with tears, puffy eyes, and snot). She has seen me so ill that I was hardly able to move and so furious that I was hardly able to function. After I had been sexually assaulted—possibly the lowest and most horrifying moment of my life—she saw me, embraced me, and took care of me. She has literally witnessed me at my worst, yet not once has she treated me any differently. Not even an eyelid was batted by her. She was just there, willing to lend a hand however she could. You guys are soulmates.

Thank the friendship gods that she doesn’t, as we all know she could easily do. They Never Judge You.

They were in the room with you if you had a baby.
I am aware that not everyone will enjoy this. You’re a different person during labor and delivery, after all, so I seriously doubt that your friendship will change if you decide not to have your best friend in the room with you or are unable to have your best friend there. My best friend was present in the room with me, though. Although my boyfriend was there as well, I wanted her to snap photos and give me the same words of support that she had given me at every previous turning point in my life. I wanted someone to be there for me when it came time to welcome my son because I knew her before I knew the father of my child.Furthermore, they don’t tell you that you’ll regret not wanting a child.
Despite my decision to become a mother, my closest buddy is completely against having children. We have never once felt angry with one another’s life choices or that our friendship was in jeopardy because one of us chose to become a mother and the other did not. We honor one another and understand that we are the only ones who can choose how to spend our lives.

Most likely, some have mistaken you two for a couple.

Most likely, some have mistaken you two for a couple.

Sure. Like, a few times. I count myself as quite fortunate.

Together, you have too many stories to count.
I believe that by the time my best buddy and I completed recounting all of our shared memories, we would be very old and wrinkled. It’s difficult to remember a period of my life without her.

You Two Can Enjoy Cozy Silences Together

My favorite times with my best buddy have often been silent ones—when we just lay on the couch and watch embarrassing TV show for hours on end without talking to each other. We don’t feel the need to bridge the gap between us with meaningless words since we are comfortable enough with each other. It’s fantastic.

You Have Certain Favorite Shows That You Cannot Live Without or Spoil
My best friend and I have a show that we both love, Game of Thrones, and we either wait for each other to watch an episode before watching it ourselves or we dare not reveal any spoilers to each other. You people just need to practice fundamental human decency.

They have faith in you…
Regardless of my life’s endeavors, I am confident that my closest friend will hold me in high regard. I genuinely feel more secure in myself and my talents knowing that I have someone who will always be my life’s cheerleader.

And Tell You How Great You Are, When You Forget Regretfully, I may require this reminder more often than I ought to, but my closest buddy has always been there to reassure me that, you know what, I am capable of accomplishing that task. I can do something terrifying and come out on the other side because I am bold and powerful.
Even in the face of a hectic life, they continue to prioritize you.
I work a full-time job, have a partner, a baby, and social responsibilities. My best friend works a full-time job, has a large family, a puppy, a boyfriend, and is involved in a lot of social activities. Even though life can be hectic as adults, we have never, ever made each other feel as though we are too busy for each other. There will always be space in my life for her, and I have no doubt that she will do the same for me.

My best buddy can only be described as They’re Your Person. There’s just no other way to put it. She is my type.

And Without Them, Your Life Wouldn’t Be The Same
Sincerely, without your closest friend, what would life be like? You are unable to respond to it. You couldn’t desire life in any other way since they provide it to you.


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