11 Women’s No-Bullshit Responses That Shut Down the “Should I Wear Makeup?” Debate

Remember this if you’ve ever been made fun of for wearing makeup or not: no one cares what you choose to put on your face.

Although it may seem apparent, the process of applying makeup itself has become the center of the most recent cultural discussion on beauty, as young women consider the significance of makeup in their lives.

The “no-makeup selfie” trend serves as a reminder to women that they can feel beautiful without the use of cosmetics. Additionally, a #PowerofMakeup campaign spearheaded by beauty blogger Nikkie de Jager dismantled “makeup-shaming” by encouraging hundreds of women to share selfies in which they had half of their faces covered in makeup and the other half bare. The purpose of the message is to demonstrate how makeup can enhance and empower people’s lives.

“Embrace anything that can make you feel good if it can!” Makeup artist and beauty vlogger Katie A. of Beauty and the Boutique, located in the United Kingdom, told Mic. “While some people read for happiness, others may work out to feel good. And cosmetics is a way for me to feel good about myself.”

Additionally, it might help to restore confidence when it’s sorely lacking. Some women feel under constant pressure to use makeup because of the harsh reality that the world can be to those who have flaws, as demonstrated in a moving before-and-after video by beauty YouTuber Em Ford.

“When we’re interacting with other people, we have to feel good about how we look,” celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, who is based in Chicago, told Mic. You decide what it means exactly; trust these well-known ladies for guidance.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to go makeup-free, then go with your gut.
However, it’s also OK if dressing up is what you enjoy doing.
For many, feeling your best is more important than the actual transformation.
Ultimately, wearing makeup or not doesn’t define who you are.
You are you beyond anything else. Makeup is a construct we create for ourselves.

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