Concerning Statement From Actor Jonathan Majors Previous Interview Resurfaces Following Latest Allegations

2023 is Jonathan Majors’ year. Not only has he kicked off his tenure as the next Marvel Cinematic Universe big bad, but he also went head-to-head with Michael B. Jordan in Creed III. Unfortunately, he could be looking to lose it all following a recent incident with his lady friend.

Jonathan Majors is the perfect Hollywood star. The 33-year-old has been wowing people for years with intense performances, captivating presence, and good looks. The Santa Barbara native graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BFA before studying at Yale. Majors credited acting with saving his life after initially heading down the wrong path as a teen. Heath Ledger’s role as The Joker in The Dark Knight was one of his inspirations to get into theater.

Majors’ first big role was on the ABC miniseries When We Rise. That same year he also landed on the big screen in Hostiles. These would be followed by several other roles as Majors began gaining a reputation as an actor to watch. 2019 would be his breakout year with the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco. The following year he would act alongside Chadwick Boseman in Da 5 Bloods and land the lead role in Lovecraft Country. That role is said to have been a big catalyst for his inclusion in the Marvel world as Kang the Conqueror, a time-traveling villain set up to appear in Marvel properties from here through at least 2027.

Majors has been a fixture online in recent weeks. While posing it up for a series of promotional shots, Jonathan has allowed himself to portray a “softer” image than is usually allowed by brooding leading men like himself. This has included posing in high heel boots, pink fur coats, and cheek-to-cheek with Michael B. Jordan. Majors has laughed at his critics and clapped back, explaining that there is no one way to be a man or display masculinity.

Majors personal life has eclipsed his professional one in a big way this week after news broke that he had gotten into an altercation with his girlfriend. Majors team released a statement claiming that he was completely innocent and had proof to back this up. They claim to have video evidence and a testimony from the woman, who has since retracted her statements. Some fans online think that Majors’ team and coercing the woman to backtrack on her claims to protect him.

However, the damage has already begun to take course for Majors. A U.S. Army ad featuring him has been pulled just days after the news broke. “The U.S. Army is aware of the arrest of Jonathan Majors, and we are deeply concerned by the allegations surrounding his arrest,” they said in a statement. No word on how this will affect his future in the MCU.

Ironically, Majors recently revealed he had concerns something would happen to him if his star continued to rise. During a recent interview with New York Times, the actor was asked his opinion on playing the same MCU character for the next decade when he stated, ““[If life] keeps popping off the way it is… I’m going to die soon. I’m OK with that. It won’t be drugs. It won’t be alcohol. It’ll just… something’s going to get me.”

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