Actress Halle Berry’s Troubled Relationship With Baby Father Gabriel Aubry Explored

Halle Berry is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses. The Oscar winner is also one of its most sought-after and has been the object of men’s affection since her debut in the early ’90s. A few men have had the honor of dating her, and she has two children from two different relationships. The relationship with her eldest daughter’s father has been the most difficult for Berry, and they have had several very public spats. Let’s take a look at their history.

Halle Berry began dating french-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry in November of 2005. The pair met at a Versace photoshoot. Aubry had been modeling for awhile and was very accomplished when he met the a-list actress. Their union would result in the birth of her first daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry in 2008. Unfortunately, the pair would announce their separation in 2010. The split was followed by a very public custody battle that spilled over into the media that same year. Berry decided she wanted to move to France with Ariela, something Gabriel was initially against, wanting their daughter to remain in Los Angeles.

To make matters worst, Berry had already begun dating actor Oliver Martinez the same year she announced her split from Aubry and was pushing the move to be closer to him. Her request to move was denied by the courts. By 2012, the couple’s issues became physical, and both Aubry and Martinez were treated at a Los Angeles hospital for injuries from a dispute. Photos of Aubry’s injuries hit the press. The argument stemmed from money lost during the custody battle and the fight to move to Paris. Aubry was later granted a restraining over against Halle and her new man.

In court papers from their custody battle, Berry claims that Gabriel used racial slurs towards her. He also refused to acknowledge that their daughter was biracial. Berry also exposed Gabriel for incestual relationships he had growing up with different family members while moving through the foster care system. She claims these experiences made him very volatile and complicated their personal intimate life.

Berry would eventually expose the child support system and how it unfairly treated higher-earning parents. Due to Berry’s success in Hollywood, she was ordered to pay Gabriel $16,000 monthly. Berry called the payments extortion and vented on social media about how unfair it was. She was also ordered to pay retroactive support totaling $115,000 and $300,000 for Aubry’s legal fees in 2012. Since then, she had already separated from Oliver and had a second child, Maceo.

Berry claims that Gabriel’s disrespectful remarks continued since they’ve split up and has opened up about how difficult it is to pay money to a man who calls her the n-word. “It takes a lot of strength,” she admitted. While her payments have since been reduced to $8k, Berry still finds it all incredibly disrespectful, considering they still share 50/50 support for their child.

Berry says that Gabriel has been so resistant to their daughter’s mix race that he goes off whenever a magazine calls her black.

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