Woman Arrested After Throwing Boyfriend’s Mother’s Ashes Into Lake Worth

A Fort Worth woman has been ch@r’ged with a-b-u-s-e of a corpse after throwing her boyfriend’s mother’s ashes into Lake Worth, police said.

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, the suspect, 40-year-old Augustine Gladney, threw the ashes belonging to 38-year-old Ernest Smith’s mother into the lake on Monday evening.


Police said Smith informed officers that when he returned home on Monday shortly after 7 p.m., he discovered that his mother’s urn was missing.

Smith told officers that he overheard a phone conversation between Gladney and her daughter, who was at their home at the time, police said.

According to police, Smith heard Gladney tell her daughter over the phone that she threw the urn in the lake.

Police said Smith informed officers that he was unable to make contact with Gladney until almost midnight on Monday evening.

Smith stated that Gladney texted him admitting that she had thrown his mother’s ashes in the lake, police said.

Source & Credit: nbcdfw.com

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