My Partner Learned I Rent Out the House My Dad Gifted Me & Demands 50 Percent of the Money

She did not disclose to her boyfriend that she owned the two-story building and that she was renting out the floor below her apartment. The woman, who was just 18 years old at the time, permitted her lover to move into her apartment. When he learned that she was a landlord, he became enraged and demanded that she pay him fifty percent of the money that she had received.

There was a woman who had the good fortune to have her father provide her with a home that was made to look like an apartment and had two stories. Despite the fact that she lived on the second level, she was able to transform her house into a source of passive income by renting out the lower floor for $500. She was aware that this was quite fortunate.

The woman claims that the main reason she charges such a high price is due of the location of the flat, which is located fifteen minutes away from the closest supermarket and an hour away from the city. Given that a comparable contemporary pad would cost approximately $600 to $700, her price was reasonable.

She inquired about moving in with her boyfriend of three months when she was 18 years old. He was having problems with his living circumstances at the time, and he did not want to move back in with his parents when he was in that situation. As a potential solution, she proposed that he remain with her for as long as it was required.

For the past three months, they have been living together without him being aware that she was the owner of the flat. However, they do divide the grocery expenditure in half, despite the fact that she does not require him to pay the rent or the utilities.

The woman did not disclose to her partner the fact that she was the owner of the building because she believed that it would not be a significant issue. It was only after the subject was brought up that she disclosed it to a small number of people.

On the other hand, her tenant came knocking on the door one day and informed her that the freezer had finally ceased functioning properly. During this time, her boyfriend was able to overhear their talk but chose to remain silent.

After accompanying the tenant down to the basement to inspect the issue, the woman advised the renter to be in the market for a replacement. The receipt would later be used to determine whether or not the tenant would be reimbursed for the freezer.

As soon as the woman went upstairs, her boyfriend inquired about the current situation with the freezer. In response, the woman informed him that the freezer could not be repaired. In addition, she stated:

The tenant was going to get a new one, and I was willing to pay for it, even though I told him no. With a questioning expression on his face, he questioned me why in the world I would pay for her freezer. Since I am the one who owns her property, I replied that I am also her landlord.

At that time, the man went completely insane and began yelling at his girlfriend without any apparent reason. His question was, “Why did she keep the information from me?” He referred to her as “evil.” Despite the fact that she expressed regret, he continued to criticize her. In addition to this, he asserted that landlords were solely concerned with financial matters, and that he was unable to think that he was in a relationship with one.

“He demanded that I give him 50% of the money I make from rent or else I was just as bad as he thought,” according to her. Despite the fact that she apologized to her lover for not alerting him that she owned the property, he continued to ignore her for a period of time.

She made the decision to leave her relationship with her partner, despite the fact that she originally believed that it was a hasty decision. On the other hand, she requested that her father stop by her residence and wait by the driveway while they had a conversation. On that particular day, her boyfriend sought an apology from her and inquired as to the reason by which she did not wish to provide him a portion of her salary.

“If you don’t rent out for the purpose of taking people’s money, you should have no problem giving any of that money away,” added the economist. If he believed that landlords were bad individuals who simply rented apartments for cash, the woman questioned why her boyfriend would take the money if he held such strong beliefs. In addition to this, she inquired as to whether or not he would be interested in her donating fifty percent of the money to a charitable organization that provides homes.

Despite the fact that her memory was impaired after the event, the woman recalled that her lover had referred to her as selfish and stated that he regretted ever having met her. In addition to that, he made fruitless attempts to punch a hole in the wall and threatened to reveal her identity to her friends.

During that time, the woman sent a message to her father, who made his way upstairs. “My boyfriend just laughed and told us both he never wants to see us again and that he was out,” according to her.

There were a number of people on Reddit who expressed their opinions and supported the woman. Regardless of whether or not her lover returned the keys, there were also those who urged that she change the locks without delay.

It was the appropriate decision for the woman to break up with her lover and refuse to give him half of the money she earned from renting. Given the circumstances, what actions would you have taken?

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