My Son’s Wedding Turned out to Be a Nightmare after the Maid-of-Honor’s Speech

Linda had complete faith that she had done the right thing by her kid. He was going to tie the knot with a lovely young lady, and the two of them had already begun making preparations for a prospective business partnership. On the other hand, a single statement made by the maid of honor was going to completely destroy her son’s reputation.

I have always thought of myself as a mother who is doing a good job. I did all in my power to avoid being a helicopter mom or one of those annoying “boy moms” that you may come across on the internet in this day and age. As a result of my teaching him to respect ladies and the elderly as well as to advocate for those who are vulnerable, he developed into a gentleman as he grew up. My son, Connor, brought his girlfriend, Carrie, home with him, and I greeted her with wide arms when she arrived. Their wedding turned out to be a complete and utter failure, and who could have predicted that?

Snooping about was something that I did, of course. She drove an old automobile that was quite inexpensive and took public transit when it eventually broke down. She did not ask my son for extravagant surprises, and her own gifts to us, while tasteful, never amounted to enormous quantities of money. She appeared to be a typical young lady.

Despite the fact that I was aware of the fact that she treated herself to a spa weekend or a supper at a high-end restaurant on occasion, I attributed this to the fact that she was very excellent at conserving money. In the end, don’t you believe it’s important for any female to give herself permission to indulge every once in a while?

Imagine the shock I felt when we made arrangements to visit her parents and a luxury car was waiting for us when we arrived! As it turned out, her father was the owner of a well-known construction company, which meant that their family had endless financial resources at their disposal.

In response to my inquiry as to why their daughter lived in such a humble manner, her mother said that they had reached a consensus. They did not provide financial assistance for her day-to-day costs, but they would be there for her in the event that she ever started her own company. Of course, they would also be the ones to foot the bill for their daughter’s ideal wedding.

It was around the time when Carrie was explaining that she did not yet have a business plan in mind that I noticed Connor’s eyes become brighter. He had a desire of founding a technology firm ever since he was a kid, but we never had that sort of money, and he had no luck with grants, so it was only natural that he saw this as the ideal opportunity—he saw it as the perfect opportunity.

During the time that we were traveling back, he shared his concept with Carrie, and she immediately agreed with him. They could not stop talking about it, and I couldn’t help but feel delighted to see them making plans for their business as a soon-to-be family. Carrie went so far as to recommend that they meet with investors right after their wedding. If only I had realized that everything would be over in a short while.

The closer we got to the wedding, the more I realized that Carrie was behaving differently. She did all in her power to fulfill the expectations that my son had for their company, but I could tell that she was having a hard time doing so on the inside.

In response to my inquiry as to whether or not there was an issue, she demurely disregarded my worries. To tell you the truth, the possibility that she is pregnant has also crossed my thoughts, despite the fact that I initially suspected that she was having some problems with her family or that she had gotten into a minor altercation with Connor. On the other hand, I made the decision to conceal my opinion for a while and allow the children to figure things out on their own.

Carrie appeared to be experiencing a great deal of anxiety on the day of the wedding, but I chose to disregard it. After all, she was the bride, and her father had invited a large number of powerful people to the wedding; who wouldn’t feel frightened about that? I noted that her maid of honor, Susan, was having a conversation with Connor as she was walking to her place at the table. She was nodding and receiving the accolades that were being offered to her.

It was evident that they were having a furious disagreement, which surprised me; but, at that point, I understood that it would be best for me to refrain from intervening. I had the impression that a catastrophe was about to unfold deep within my heart.

By the time it was time for the speeches, the room was completely still, and the maid of honor lifted her glass to the occasion. The expression on her face was that of someone who is aware that their death is quickly approaching. She began her speech with the typical expressions of gratitude and pleasantries, and then she proceeded to reveal the shocking information.

“Carrie,” she said. Since the beginning of time, you have been my closest companion. I am sorry to tell that I am unable to say the same about myself. This whole thing… it needs to come to an end. Since the beginning of this year, Connor and I have been having an affair!

With everyone’s attention focused on the bride, silence fell. Everyone was taken aback when she suddenly burst out laughing in a loud and almost demonic manner. “Wow, Susie,” she managed to put out. I give thanks to God that you had the courage to confess. I had the impression that I would have to do the talking myself!

She rose up and began coming towards Susan, saying, “I knew you two couldn’t be trusted from the way you looked at each other.” “You see,” she said. So I decided to install covert cameras throughout the house. And what it is that you believe I saw? My love nest is occupied by two lovebirds!


Susan was holding the microphone when she was taken away by her.

We were able to construct a great prenuptial agreement with the help of my father, and my soon-to-be husband signed it without reading it. For those of you who are curious about the terms of the contract you signed, if you cheat on your partner, you will be left with nothing to your name!

“But don’t be concerned, people! I laced your portions of cake with a laxative that works slowly and gradually! Bastards, I hope you have a wonderful first night together!

A tidal wave comes to mind when one thinks of the chaos that this incident generated. As the bride and her family watched from a distance, people were rushing to the restroom and spitting out the cake. The bride and her family were also present. As soon as Carrie noticed that I was perplexed, she approached me and took my hand.

I want to reassure you, Mrs. Green. Your treatment of me has never been unkind. You can indulge in the cake without fear.

After leaving the wedding hall on that particular day, I felt like I had been completely destroyed. The only thing I was certain of was that I did not believe I knew the man that I had brought up.

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