Family of five on Universal Credit face eviction over unpaid rent

Many people around the world are still finding it difficult to recover from the economic devastation caused by the pandemic.

The world is gradually beginning to return to normal these days. However, a great number of people and families are still stuck in the hole and are making a valiant effort to escape.

For Amy Winter, Joshua Thain, and their three small children, that is the situation. Since the couple hasn’t paid their rent in several months, they are currently being urged to leave their house. To exacerbate the situation, Amy is expecting their fourth child.

The Rotherham family was given the order to vacate their home on Monday, and they now risk being homeless.

Due to overdue rent, Amy Winter and Joshua Thain, together with their three children, are scheduled to be evicted from their home on Brunswick Street in Thurnscoe.

After several months of unpaid rent, a judge ordered the family to vacate the property on January 31. However, Amy and Joshua claim Barnsley Council was informed of the issue and offered no assistance.


Amy, 26, and Joshua, 27, live with Sky, 5, Daisy-Mae, 4, and 18-month-old Lexi and are both on Universal Credit.

Amy is five months along with her pregnancy. Macauli, the couple’s fourth child, is nine years old and resides with Amy’s mother.

“We are so anxious that we don’t go out or do anything at all. Amy told the Huddersfield Examiner, “I’ve asked my relatives if they can help, but they can’t help with accomodation because they’re only living in one bed and two bedroom houses.

My partner’s uncle is the only one making an effort to assist, however he is located in Somerset.

“It seems like Barnsley Council needs to get off their ass and decide what they’re going to do, rather than just telling us one thing and then something else.”

Sanctuary Housing is the owner of the home, and Joshua’s late mother Victoria Robertshaw, who tested positive for Covid-19 and passed away in August at the age of 45, is named on the leasing agreement.

Do you believe that evicting this family is appropriate?

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