Woman was ‘dead’ for 27 minutes, but as soon as she woke up she scribbled a spine-chilling message…

A leisurely trek in the bush was meant to be a relaxing experience for Tina and Brian, but instead, they were confronted with a terrifying ordeal. Tina, who was accompanied by her husband of thirty years, Brian, encountered an unexpected heart attack, which put her in a precarious scenario that may potentially end her life.

When Brian observed that Tina’s breath was dying, he immediately began conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her. This was a dramatic turn of events. The promptness of his response was able to bring her back to life for a little period of time; however, the ride to the hospital was laden with danger. Tina’s condition immediately deteriorated, and throughout the incident, she required resuscitation six times. This was despite the efforts of the ambulance staff, who are providing medical assistance.

In the midst of her excruciating fight for survival, Tina hung on the edge of death for an astounding 27 minutes. This is a monument to the perseverance of both the medical personnel who were treating her and her unyielding determination to live.

Tina’s recuperation was in jeopardy after she received emergency treatment, and as a result, she was rendering herself incapable of verbal communication. Her drive to transmit a vital message, on the other hand, did not waver in the least. Tina grabbed a pen and paper, and with the help of her family and the medical team, she penned a letter that sent shivers down the spines of everyone who was present.

There was a remarkable response to Brian’s prayers when Tina regained consciousness. Brian had been praying for his wife’s recovery for a very long time. A disturbing letter that she sent out highlighted the seriousness of her near-death experience and the significant effect it had on others who were in her immediate vicinity.

You may get a more in-depth look at Tina’s remarkable survival and the unsettling message that she communicated by watching the film that is attached to this article. This video captures the essence of her extraordinary journey back from the edge of death.

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