This Pup Had The Sweetest Reaction When He Realized That He Was Leaving The Shelter

Sometimes that just isn’t enough, even though a lot of shelters try their hardest to make sure the animals in their care have the most enjoyable stays possible.

For an animal to be genuinely happy, it needs its own hooman.

Therefore, an animal may experience sadness, loss of hope, or even depression if it remains in the shelter for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, foster homes exist to make sure that doesn’t occur.

Reaching the Shelter

Ronnie was a stray dog that had nowhere to go until he came to the Dallas Animal Services (DAS), one of the biggest municipal animal shelters in the nation.

But as soon as he stepped foot in the Dallas shelter, this cute puppy was as content as could be. He was presenting himself to everyone and strutting his stuff as a proud little boy throughout the shelter.

“He was a joyful, amiable, energetic boy who was ecstatic to see his human companions,” Dallas Animal Services public information coordinator Marlo Clingman said to The Dodo.

Ronni’s situation was typical of DAS, which always strives to place its animals in devoted foster or permanent homes as quickly as possible.

Additionally, a family contacted the Dallas shelter and offered to foster Ronni after he proved to be a kind and gentle youngster.

In The Fosters

Ronni was very excited to see his foster mother when she arrived to pick him up.

“He was overjoyed to see Ashley, his foster mother. He said, “As soon as he got in their car, he was all smiles and wags.

Fortunately, Ashley remembered how much this meant to Ronni when she took a picture of him after they got in the car.

He remarked, “His smile was so big he couldn’t keep his eyes open.”

The idea that Ronni would finally be a house dog to a family who would genuinely love him astounds him.

This content puppy understood from away that his new home would be a place of love, joy, and cuddling as soon as he set foot inside.

He immediately behaved well, and he frequently expresses his gratitude by kissing his foster family whenever he has the chance.

His foster family hopes that he will be adopted by someone who will not only treat him with the respect he deserves but also return that love a thousand times over, having witnessed the depth of love that a single puppy can have in its heart.

Ronnie enjoys playing a lot and would be content to play fetch with a large dog or at the very least, have playdates with friends. He is equally attracted to men and women, and he is incredibly grateful to his foster parents for helping him escape the shelter. He did excellent when he met a toddler and gave him a big, sloppy canine kiss, Marlo exclaimed.

Last Remark

This content puppy will undoubtedly find a warm and caring forever home soon, and he will live out the rest of his days in the arms of a human who values and cares for him as he should.

Ronni, good luck!

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