Sad News Regarding “Dallas” Actress Linda Gray

Linda Gray, renowned for her portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing in the iconic TV series “Dallas,” has revealed a remarkable twist to her storied past. Contrary to popular belief, Gray, celebrated for her role as “the b*tch with the long legs,” was the true owner of the famous legs depicted in the iconic movie poster for “The Graduate,” not Anne Bancroft, as previously assumed.

However, the journey to success for Gray, now 83, was fraught with adversity from an early age. Stricken by polio as a child, her legs were paralyzed, a condition that could have easily derailed her dreams. Yet, defying the odds, Gray’s parents eschewed conventional treatments, opting instead for an alternative therapy involving exercise and dancing, which ultimately aided her remarkable recovery.


Despite this triumph, Gray’s childhood was marred by her mother’s battle with depression and alcoholism, exacerbating the challenges she faced. Moreover, her personal life was marked by turmoil, particularly during her 21-year marriage to Ed Thrasher, a prominent record album cover artist. Trapped in an abusive and controlling relationship, Gray found herself relegated to the confines of her home while Thrasher capitalized on her modeling career for financial gain.

However, Gray’s indomitable spirit would not be suppressed indefinitely. Taking control of her destiny, she made the courageous decision to reclaim her life and pursue her passion for acting, a move that would ultimately define her legacy.

It was her iconic role as Sue Ellen Ewing in “Dallas” that provided Gray with a platform to confront her past traumas and assert her independence. Through the character of Sue Ellen, a complex portrayal of a woman battling personal demons, Gray found solace and strength, learning to set boundaries with both her mother and her ex-husband.

Following an illustrious 11-year tenure on “Dallas,” Gray embarked on a new chapter of her career, embracing her sexuality and continuing to captivate audiences in “Dallas” reboots from 2012 to 2014. Throughout her life, Gray’s resilience and unwavering determination served as guiding beacons, propelling her to overcome adversity and achieve unparalleled success, both on and off the screen.

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