The Royal Family Is Mourning – Prayers Sent Their Way

Ian will be forever remembered as one of the great Master of Hounds. For an impressive 34 years, he held this esteemed position in the Beaufort Hunt.

In a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, the Beaufort Hunt expressed their deep sorrow at the loss of their esteemed leader. Captain Ian Farquhar was a pleasure to have as their pilot throughout those years. He passed away peacefully this week.

Many who were fortunate enough to join him on hunts held a great admiration for him, affectionately referring to him as “Captain.” He was not only kind and helpful but also brimming with innovative ideas.

“He had a wonderful sense of humor, and those lucky enough to spend time with him would always remember his exciting and unique life as a hunter and in the army.”

Captain Farquhar cherished his family, his dogs, and above all, his hounds. Upon his arrival in the great beyond, a whole pack of eager dogs surely awaits him, ready to greet their beloved captain once again.

“A true gentleman who loved his country.” Captain Ian Farquhar will be deeply missed.

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