Farmer Needs Prayers After Life Threatening Injury

a 55-year-old farmer from Basti, Uttar Pradesh, narrowly avoided a tragic fate due to his prolonged negligence of a growing neck tumor. Somai, the farmer in question, had dismissed the tumor for two decades, mistakenly believing it was a swollen gland. His nonchalance continued until the growth became almost as large as his head.

Somai’s story underscores the importance of timely medical intervention. For years, he carried the benign tumor, which eventually reached a weight of approximately 1.4 kilograms, equivalent to three pints of milk. The sheer size and weight of the tumor not only caused significant physical discomfort but also posed a severe risk to his overall health and well-being.


The turning point came when Somai finally sought medical assistance. Surgeons successfully removed the massive tumor, bringing immense relief and a new lease on life for the farmer. This successful surgery was not just a testament to modern medical capabilities but also a stark reminder of the dangers of ignoring potential health issues.

Somai’s ordeal highlights a critical lesson for all: the importance of regular medical check-ups and paying attention to bodily changes. Ignoring health issues, even those that seem minor, can lead to severe consequences. Early detection and treatment are often key to preventing minor health problems from becoming life-threatening.


This incident serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to take proactive steps in monitoring their health and seeking medical advice when necessary. Somai’s experience is a powerful reminder that our health should never be taken for granted.

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