Man Refuses to Take Wife off Life Support, Prays for 2 Months until She Wakes up and Hugs Newborn Son

Father Prays for 2 Months to Wake Wife and Embrace Newborn Son
Pregnant Indiana woman required emergency C-section. Her hard path began there. Her husband prayed through months of coma.
Autumn and Zack Carver anticipated their third child. Teenage lovers met. 2021’s heartbreak surprised them.

Autumn and Zack became ill in her ninth month. The kind mother hospitalised Huxley. But his mum in the ICU was dying.
Their best day was ruined. Zack’s “worst day”
Autumn’s primary doctor urged Zack to cut off the machines after two months on life support because she didn’t think she would survive. Zack trusted his wife’s healing.
Even the sick mum liked it. Zack’s prayer was answered.
He prayed for her 24/7 with an army of online prayer warriors believing in a miracle. They believed despite 0% survival.

Fall is Zack’s life. He begged the doctors to allow his distressed wife hold her newborn son. He wanted Autumn awakened to see and hold Huxley. As she might die, he begged the medical team. They provided a great moment with her child.
Even the sick mum liked it. Zack’s prayer was answered. “Her parents, one of her best friends, and several nurses and physicians observed the spectacular occasion,” the elated father stated. Possible dry eyes. Great day.”

Mama struggled. Zack got a second opinion before considering a lung transplant for Autumn. He believed his wife will heal miraculously.
Thankfully, the mother didn’t need a transplant. The spouse stated, “[The doctor] walked in and said, ‘you don’t need a lung transplant. Okay. Excellent. We prayed and hugged.”
Autumn’s progress astonished. Zack expected her recovery.

Fall left after three months. She changed. “Such a happy, emotional, overwhelming day,” Zack exclaimed. The brilliance required several steps back. Surprising daughters. They seemed horrified. They were silent.”
Many drove by to support the courageous wife and mother. They appreciated everyone’s prayers and love.

Autumn said her daughter now believes in miracles and the Carvers were grateful for life. “Every day is a blessing,” the mother said. Hug and love. Don’t leave anything unsaid—things may change quickly.”
Zack began nightly prayers with his kids. The miracle transformed their life.
Zack and Autumn appreciated their blessings and hoped their story would inspire others to love because life is short. We wish them a long, healthy family life.

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