Kelly Clarkson admits she spanks her children if they misbehave

Kelly Clarkson has stated that she will physically correct her children if they behave inappropriately.
Kelly Clarkson has been quoted as saying that she will physically correct her children if they act in an unsuitable manner.
Kelly Clarkson has emphasised the ways in which she raised her children with strong morals and values in a number of interviews. The woman, who is a mother to two children, indicated that she will physically punish her children if they do not act in a proper manner, and she made this statement during an interview.

She asserts that this is a practise that is common in the state of Louisiana, which is where she presently resides at the present time.
Clarkson is a native of the city of Fort Worth, which is located in the state of Texas. Her biological children are River Rose, age 5, and Remy, age 3, and she also has two stepchildren from her previous marriage, which was to Brandon Blackstock. River Rose and Remy are the ages of her children. When asked how she disciplined her children, she said, “I’m not above a spanking.” This is a remark that some people find insulting, and it was her response when she was asked how she disciplined her children. In addition, when she says “beating,” she really only means giving you a gentle smack on the behind.

She goes on to explain why she acts the way she does by noting that her parents scolded her when she was a child, and that now that she has achieved success in her life, she is pleased with who she is. She believes that her parents’ actions have shaped her into the person she is today. She went on to say that before she participates in any activity, she is always given some kind of warning about the potential risks involved.

The Voice coach proceeded by noting that she is from the South, an area of the country where it is more common to subject children to physical punishment such as paddling.
She does make the observation, however, that it can be difficult to do so in public because those who aren’t in agreement are quick to judge others who aren’t in agreement with them.

The question of whether or not people believe that spanking is an effective form of discipline has been debated for a significant amount of time by a variety of individuals. Many people have the opinion that it is risk-free, despite the fact that others have the view that it is risky.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of spanking or any other type of “corporal punishment” as a technique for modifying the inappropriate behaviour of children.

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