American music has Mary J. Blige. R&B legend has had hits for almost 20 years. My Life, her second album, is her most revered work. “Be Happy,” “I Love You,” and her cover of Rose Royce’s “I’m Going Down” are among her best songs on her 1994 opus magnum. 27 years later, Blige reflects on the record that revolutionised her life and career. Tamron Hall interviewed the singer about the LP and its impact.

In “Mary J. Blige Says Her Next Chapter Will Blow Your Mind,” MJB and Tamron discuss the multi-platinum singer’s future. Mary received a brief standing ovation. Mary thanked the crowd as they applauded. Tamron started the interview crying because of the reception. “I’m crying, and we’re just starting,” she laughed.

Tamron Hall said they last met at the Essence Festival in 2017. Mary discussed divorce with Kendu Issac in their last conversation. Mary told Hall how much she was dealing with and how hard it was.

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Mary and Kendu divorced in 2016 after 12 years. After years of singing about heartbreak, Blige and her fans were devastated. She told Variety she was struggling. I live. “I’m not happy with a lot,” she said. She said Kendu loved her, but by the end of their marriage, she recognised he was a scam artist. The R&B artist felt betrayed and worried that Kendu would take a lot of her money in the divorce. Mary J. Blige talks about Kendu having another woman and using her to support himself and his new lover.

Five years later, Mary says she had no idea so much good would come from such a devastating loss. “I was trying to go through my life and those trials,” Mary says of her Essence conversation with Tamron. Her divorce was “a death.” The “Just Fine” singer says she was just trying to move forwards and stay positive during the worst of it.

Mary J. Blige received an Oscar nomination during her storm. “It’s like God opened the sky on me,” she says. I never got bitter. I let God handle things.” The Queen of Soul thought trying anything else would have failed.

Mary considers herself lucky to be living 27 years after her 1994 “My Life” record since she never believed she would. Blige says the album saved her. The singer believed her millions of fans would be without inspiration if she left. I always liked people. I prefer others to myself. How did I do that?” Mary has always had it. I wanted everyone to have something. I wanted everyone in the projects to be happy because happy people leave you alone.”

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The singer knows that fans’ support of “My Life” has kept her going through her toughest times. The 1994 album “My Life” topped Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop albums chart for eight weeks. The album reached number seven on Billboard 200.

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