Michael Jordan Turns Down $120 Million Ad Campaign With Disney: “I Like My Reputation”

Michael Jordan declines a $120 million Disney advertising campaign: “I Like My Reputation”
The Walt Disney Corporation is desperately trying to rebrand itself after its experiment with “wokeness” failed. In less than two years, tourists cancelled their reservations, their movies tanked after being edited to cater to a small segment of Americans, and the CEO they fired was forced to come back in an effort to preserve the failing business.

The big idea was to enlist some well-known individuals to help the company as it embraced traditional family values. Unfortunately, the most recognisable name in the world and the one person who could have made it work, declined.

Michael Jordan was given a $120 million contract by Disney to become the new name and face of the company, but he turned it down.

Mike is done being a social justice warrior, according to Jordan’s longtime friend and publicist Joe Barron. He finds it far too woke. A person must pull themselves up by their bootstraps and use their natural talents to play professional sports if they wish to achieve. It is that simple.

Jordan would have committed to ten years of riding the Disney float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in addition to a half-dozen appearances at Disney World. Also, he would reside in Cinderella’s castle with his family and friends, waving from the window each morning.

“They’ll have to do better,” Barron said. It seems like a lot of wokeness is being waved around for only $120 million. Disney has not responded to our requests for comment. Ever. Godspeed, America.

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