Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment

Of the many stereotypes about us guys, one of the most common is that we’re afraid of commitment. Admittedly, this one is probably true more times than not. However, it’s only fair that we get a chance to explain ourselves. There are reasons why men fear commitment, and some of them are actually legitimate and not anything you ladies need to take personally.

1. Lost Freedom

Being in a committed relationship kind of takes liberty away. A guy will often have to consider what his girlfriend wants and likes.

The truth is, when you’re actually in a loving relationship, this sacrifice feels more like a privilege than a burden. But guys should bear in mind that once they are in love, the main person they’ll want to have fun and enjoy peace with is their partner. When their partner is around, they’ll feel lucky that they have someone to look forward to spending time with.

2. Fear of Being Controlled

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of women who are a little too keen to keep their boyfriend healthy? “You can’t have another glass of wine Jim, it’s not good for you” or “You’ve got to quit smoking John, it’s going to k.il.l you!”

Girls believe they’re acting like loving wives but in reality, they’re just coming off controlling. However, even if it might seem totally horrible from the outside, some guys do admit that it feels good to know they have someone who cares for them.

3. Lack of Privacy

Men understand that sharing their life with a woman means letting them into the darkest or most secretive parts of themselves. Any skeletons that they have hidden in their closets are bound to be revealed and they might not be comfortable with that.

This is why it’s important that guys choose to date girls that understand and accept them for who they are and what has happened in their past. This way they’ll even appreciate having that one special person they can share their secrets with.

4. Fear of Being Exclusive to One Girl

This point is probably the most valid. The fear of being exclusive to one girl makes sense, because this the main part of being in a committed relationship. Only guys who are sure they are ready to give up dating or flirting with other girls should even consider being in a real relationship.

If your guy tells you that he’s not sure about being able to do this, it’s best that you accept that he’s not ready for commitment.

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