12 People Share The One Thing That Instantly Turns Them Off

It might all depend on the individual as to what piques their attention and what repels them. Some of us have peculiarities and pet peeves that are entirely particular to us; things that irritate us despite being acceptable to everyone else. However, certain significant turn-offs are more universal than others; for example, many people will not find it attractive when someone is conceited or nasty to others.
People were asked about their biggest turn-offs—the things that would make them suddenly stop like someone—in a recent AskReddit discussion, and the responses were incredibly fascinating. The turn-offs themselves were a factor as well as the fact that some of them were quite particular while others were more general. Others were more repulsed by people’s personalities, while some people appeared to be significantly influenced by more surface-level characteristics like teeth and clothing. It’s a nice reminder to simply be yourself because there’s no way in hell you’re ever going to impress everyone. We all have very different notions of what’s important and what creates a good first impression.

What were some of the most common turnoffs for people? What would genuinely cause someone to immediately change their opinion of you? Here is what the actual individuals had to say, though.

When Someone Lies

The fact that lying was included on the list a couple times is understandable. Since trust is everything, lying practically eliminates it. It’s plenty to put a lot of folks completely off.


When Someone Is Inconsiderate

This person knows precisely what they are talking about because they are so particular and odd, and it irritates me as well.


When Someone Isn’t Kind

Although it may not seem like the coolest quality, kindness should be. Kindness and empathy are vital components of any successful partnership.


When Someone’s Breath Stinks

It can be a hard one to get over.


When Someone Smokes

Yes, many people find that to be sufficient. Kids, smoking isn’t cool. Observe that.


When Someone Has Poor Dental Hygiene

Yes, many people find that to be sufficient. Kids, smoking isn’t cool. Observe that.


When Someone Bad Mouths Someone Else

This is quite significant. If someone only criticizes their ex-partners or other significant figures in their lives, that may be a red flag.


When Women Put Other Women Down

No, never. Because other girls are the best, the statement “I’m not other girls” has no place at all.


When Someone Insults Other People

There’s a difference between being mean to other people and doing it to make yourself feel better. The public doesn’t like it when you cross that line.


When Someone Doesn’t Love Themselves

If someone doesn’t love themselves first, it can be challenging to love them.


When Someone Is Selfish


Selfishness is undoubtedly a turn-off, but it also makes relationships extremely challenging. You want a spouse that is trustworthy and will be there for you, not someone who is constantly preoccupied with their own problems.


When Someone…


I have no idea what this even means, but I adore it. This individual is not playing around. They are clear about what they want, and they appreciate you not forcing any more large neck holes into their lives.

There are some turn-offs we can all agree on despite the fact that everyone has distinct likes and dislikes. Basically, just don’t be a lousy person, OK? Most of these come down to that. Be kind to others and be mindful of your neckholes.

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